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Home > Learn More > Page 3 > Windows Web Hosting

Windows Web Hosting

Windows web hosting refers to the windows based operating system that runs a web server. A web server is a powerful computer that keeps running all the time and allocates space for website owners. A web server is the machine that is owned and managed by a web hosting company, and on which your web content is stored and made available to people logging on to your website.

Windows web hosting is the most popular type of hosting today. This is because the name Microsoft spells quality, reliability and user-friendliness. Windows has also generated a brand loyalty and therefore many businesses will rely on windows web hosting without asking many questions.

Most large and small businesses always ask for windows web hosting, as windows provides stability, something that every business is looking for. Windows web hosting is also very reliable as it provides a long-term solution for all your hosting problems. Then the extensive research, innovation and support you receive with windows web hosting is unparalleled in the web hosting market.

Windows web hosting caters not only to large businesses, but also offers many tools that are helpful to small businesses. Moreover, Windows is always in touch with the customer needs and is continuously updating itself in order to stay in the lead.

Web developers prefer windows hosting, as some of the best scripting languages such as ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, ASP and VBScript are supported only by Windows. These scripts are often used by proficient web programmers for various applications as well as for building websites. Therefore Windows hosting is the number one choice of web programmers.

There are a few drawbacks due to which a few businesses may go in for other companies. These are the cost and the security updates. Windows web hosting requires the web hosts to acquire a license and therefore it costs thousands of dollars. As the cost of the web hosting company increases their web hosting packages also are on the higher side.

Secondly, since Windows software belongs exclusively to Microsoft, no one except Microsoft has access to the full source code. Therefore only Microsoft can fix security loopholes and bugs. This process becomes time consuming in a market where people want quick solutions. Then Windows hosting-based servers have to be occasionally rebooted or restarted. This affects the overall downtime.

If you are using a Windows operating system on your personal computer, or if your website is designed using a Windows PC, this does not have anything to do with your hosting plan. A web hosting operating system is an entirely different issue. If you will be using scripting languages and streaming audio or video, Microsoft databases such as MS SQL or Microsoft Access and high-end programming languages such as .NET, Windows hosting is best for you.

The other type of operating system for web hosting is UNIX. This operating system is comparatively cheaper, but it is not compatible with Windows programming languages, Windows scripts and Windows databases.

Windows hosting is compatible with UNIX-based software such as MySQL and also UNIX-based scripting languages such as PHP and Perl. Windows web hosting also is compatible with all audio and video file formats. This makes Windows hosting versatile and an all-round hosting choice.

If paying slightly extra may give you reliability, flexibility, security, compatibility and versatility, most businesses would not mind the cost. The same is the case with Windows web hosting, as you are getting a quality service.


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