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Home > Learn More > Page 3 > Why You Need Secure Web Hosting

Why You Need Secure Web Hosting

A web host is to a website what a storefront is for a business. Say you’re thinking of starting a bakery. You’ve already got the talent lined up to bake the items you’ll sell. You’ve set the recipes and tested them out. You’ve figured out the equipment you’ll need and the sort of space you’ll need to bake and sell your goods. Once you’ve done all that, you can go out and try to find a space to house your bakery.

What do you look for when you look for a place to house your business? You’re looking for a space that’s big enough to meet your needs. You’re looking for a place that can handle all the traffic you’ll have coming your way. You’ll want a place that is secure and safe so that while you’re conducting your business during the business day, you and your customers will be safe. But you will also need to know what sort of security will be provided when you’re running your business and watching over everything yourself. You’ll want someone there to help you in case something goes wrong and needs to be repaired quickly, so your business won’t be affected negatively. You want to rent space from someone you trust.

When you’re looking for a web host to house your online business, you’re looking for the same sort of things. You’ll want a web host that is big enough to handle your expected business. You’ll also want a web host who is reliable and who can provide service and support to you in a timely manner. But one of the most important aspects to look into when choosing a web host is security. How secure can this web host keep your business and your customers?

Let’s face it. You designed your business to make you money. You think you’ve got something to sell that no one else has. You’ve got something that makes you unique. In the bakery analogy, it’s your recipes or your world-class baker. You need to protect your unique assets and be sure that no one else can get to them. The same principle applies in the cyber universe. You need to know that your cyber business assets are safe and impenetrable. You need to know that your web host will keep your business up and running and that if something does go wrong, it will be fixed in a timely manner.

The other aspect of safety to consider is how safe the customers feel when they use your site. If you go back to the bakery idea, think about how a customer would feel if they really wanted the apple pie you sell because it’s the best pie they’ve ever had, but that customer doesn’t feel safe walking into your store. He probably would find a safe place with a good apple pie and forgo the risk of coming to your store for a great pie. The same principle applies to web hosting. A web host needs to keep your customers safe, each and every time they enter your website. That means protecting sensitive information such as personal identification and credit information.

Secure web hosting is very important these days, and it’s an important aspect of developing your business. If you and your customers feel secure, you’re more likely to develop an ongoing business relationship.


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