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Home > Learn More > Page 2 > Why Reliable Web Hosting?

Why Reliable Web Hosting?

Reliable web hosting is crucial to the success of an online business and prevents many headaches for those looking to put their information online.  With an online business, if you do not have a reliable server you will undoubtedly face down time and lost customers.  If your site is not available, a potential customer may decide to wait for your site to come back up, but it is probably more likely that they will simple search for your competitor's site, which is up and running, and buy their product or services instead.  The reliability of your web hosting service becomes critical to being there for your customers, being able to meet their needs, and as a result, having a profitable business. Your reputation is likely to suffer if you are perceived as being unreliable.  Few people want to use a business that they can not count on being available to them when they need it.  Your web hosting service provider will be your invisible partner to help you ensure that every time a customer looks online for your products or services, they have a satisfactory experience, and are able to get what they need from you.

What features should you look for in a reliable web hosting service? 
Constant monitoring, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, is critically important.  If your site is down, and you have 24/7 monitoring with your web host, someone will instantly know about the problem and be able to begin fixing it.  If there is no monitoring, and it crashes at midnight, it could easily be down for eight hours, losing who knows how many customers, before you even know there is a problem.  Daily site backups are important, as well.  If the server crashes, you will be able to restore to exactly how your site looked less than one day ago, and will not have lost much, if any, data.  Technical support for your site should also be available every minute of every day.  When you need to make things right for your customers, you will be counting on your web hosting service to make it right for you.

Spam filtering and firewall protection both serve to protect your site from unwelcome intrusions.  Virus scanning is also a great layer of protection offered by many quality web hosting service providers.  Many sites offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.  This is a great feature, because if they fail to meet the uptime goal, you do not pay.  If they want paid for the services they are providing, they have great incentive to make certain that the servers are as reliable as they can possible make them.  Multiple fast connection that provide adequate bandwidth for your site's traffic is important.  Slow loading pages have cost more than a few sites both individual sales and potential repeat customers.  All of these features will be present in a reliable web hosting provider. 

If you own a professional website, your customers are counting on you to conduct your business in a professional manner.  You, in turn, count on your web hosting service to behave professionally.  Online security, technical support and monitoring, and uptime guarantees are the hallmarks of a reputable web hosting service provider, a company you can really count on.  You need to feel secure in your relationship with your web host.  Your business relies on them.


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