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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > Why Free Web Hosting Services Is Not Such A Good Idea

Why Free Web Hosting Services Is Not Such A Good Idea

The most legitimate question concerning free is why should you pay if it is being given to you as free in the first place?  With free hosting service there are a variety of companies that offer it nowadays.

Even though these hosting companies are spread out across the country you still may be able to get this type of service for free.  Ask yourself, how satisfied you are with your current hosting service.  Do they provide you with everything that you want and need?  The answer to this question is probably not.  However, it is a true statement that this type of service can be had with no cost or aggravations. The question is how can free hosting service be gotten free and what should you expect from them?

You can turn your web site into an advertising machine for your business that will do the work for you free.  However, you will more than likely have to deal with banners, frames, and pop up windows, which can actually take away from that professional look you are wanting.  Your site should be designed so that it is accessible to any visitor and if they have to deal with pop ups after every single click, then they may go to another web site.

You definitely do not want your web site to be filled with advertisements, which most hosting service will not allow.  If you have to maintain only a personal web site, then you really do not have to worry much with this.  However, when maintaining a business, there can be some significant losses that can be associated to this type of advertisements.  The only solution for a business is to use a hosting service that you have to pay.

With free hosting you often times have to deal with not enough space being available for your web pages, because they often only offer you from five to fifteen megabytes of space.  If you wish to expand your website, then you may be restricted to the amount of space that is actually available to you.  Every business wants their web site to continue growing above any offered quota that may be given to them. 

Often times, this may result in you having to turn to a paid plan over the free plan with either the same web site hosting provider or a totally different provider.  Whatever the case may be you will still end up having to pay the hosting service that you need, but you may also loose traffic that has been established when you change host.

There is no on-line store that can ever go without having a secure server and the majority of free hosting providers will not offer secure servers.  If your customers are afraid to give out their personal information, then this will make it absolutely impossible for your on-line store to survive. 

Each web site hopes that they continue working, but the reality is that many web sites will have to go through downtime, and with free hosting this is often, a major problem.  Many free hosting providers are only able to generate revenue from the advertisements that they will place on your web site.  As a result, they often times do not care if their web site subscribers pay for their service.
If you suffer from an unusual amount of downtime who will you turn to?  If you suffer from technical difficulties who you will turn to?  Unfortunately, free web hosting services do not have the budget needed to provide you with a customer support team, which is why you often find yourself remarkably familiar with FAQ page.

Consider selecting a provider such as Hostmonster, that will help you create a personalized image for your business through your web site, which you will not get with a free web site hosting provider.


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