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Home > Learn More > Page 5 > What Is Green Energy And Green Tags?

What Is Green Energy And Green Tags?

Everywhere you turn you hear about ‘green’ this and ‘green’ that.  The push to go green and help preserve the environment is growing stronger every day.  Manufacturers and businesses all over the world are taking part in recycling programs and promoting telecommuting for employees to cut down their carbon footprint on the world.  You can even find web hosting companies that have gone green in an effort to help out the environment. 

Companies that go green traditionally use green energy or purchase green tags in an effort to reduce their carbon signature.  Green energy is energy that is produced by renewable sources.  This energy can come from solar power, wind power, water power, biogases, and even biodiesel fuel.  The systems that collect these natural sources of energy break it down into units that can be transmitted via the electrical wires that run into your home and business through the power grids.  Because they are what are known as renewable energy, they will always be available and the world will technically never run out. 

Green tags, also known as renewable energy certificates, help support the production of green energy in the United States.  They can be purchased by businesses and individuals alike in support of green energy in places where green energy is not always offered.  These tags are created whenever traditional power is substituted with renewable energy that is produced from wind, solar, hydro or other forms of renewable power.  They are intended to help the world shift away from burning fossil fuels and our dependence on them to using something that is cleaner and not as harmful to the world.   

Because it is still more expensive to purchase green energy services than it is traditional fossil fuel power services, green tags can be purchased in addition to your regular electric service.  The money from the green tags is then used to promote and build additional renewable energy sources.  If you participate in a program such as this, you will still receive your regular electric bill in addition to the green tags you have purchased.  For every unit of renewable green power that is generated, an equal amount of green tags are produced.  For each green tag that is purchased, it is one more step towards the support of renewable electricity generation and the offset of fossil fuel burning effects. 

Green energy and green energy tags are just some of the ways business and individuals are battling carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants from the burning of fossil fuels.  As more green energy power grids become available, more fossil fuel burning plants can go off line.  Even if the only thing you do is purchase green tags, you are still contributing to saving the environment and making the world a better place to live in.  Remember, each green tag contributes money to the building of another green energy production facility.  By supporting green energy and green tags, you could find yourself using 100% green energy to power your home before you know it. One web hosting company that is a leader in “Green” hosting is Green Geeks. They take pride in providing quality solutions with minimal environmental impact.


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