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Home > Learn More > Web Hosting Uptime

Web Hosting Uptime

A web hosting provider is a company that rents out space on their servers to a multitude of website owners for hosting their sites.  Web hosting is a service provided by a web hosting provider that makes your website accessible to internet connected individuals anywhere in the world.  There are many different types of web hosting.  You do not even really need to hire a web hosting provider; an individual can host their own site.  Hosting your own site allows you to maintain complete control and responsibility for your own content.  However, hosting your own site is a bit more specialized than most website owners really have the time and resources to allow, and most do use web hosting services. 
Cost is one of the most frequently heard reasons for not hosting your own site.  The equipment needed, particularly the server that would physically hold the site's data, can be extremely expensive when compared to the cost of web hosting services.  Unless you are confident in your ability to make the most of the time and money investment required to host your own site, a web hosting service provider will be a necessity, and of course, you will want to hire the company that is the very best for your circumstances. 

If you have decided to begin the search for a web hosting, it can be hard to know where to start. Reviews of the different web hosting services can really be enlightening, and give give you a good idea of the types of problems other website owners have encountered in selecting a web hosting service of their own. 

There are services to fit a huge spectrum of budgets.  Once you get an overview idea of roughly what it will cost to get the services that you need, you can begin to decide what budget your company can afford for those services.  Then you will need to compare the services offered with the needs of your site.  Things to consider when looking at the needs of your site are issues such as how many web pages your site includes, how much storage space your site needs for large files such as music, graphics and videos, the traffic that your you expect for your site, and the level of web design support you need. 

One of the absolutely most critical things to consider in selecting your web hosting service, and one that is often overlooked, is the service's uptime rates.  Every time the host server is down, you are missing potential clients being able to access your site.  While they may wait for your site to be back up, they could just as easily have moved on to your competitor by then.  The more reliable your web hosting service provider is, the more reliable your site will seem to your clients.  They will not see a frequently-down site as an indicator that your hosting service is spotty; they will see it as YOUR failing. 

If you have found a reputuable web hosting service, it is not too much to expect 99.9% uptime.  The technical support offered by the web host is important, as well.  If you are having technical issues, it can cost you clients and money just as easily as the site being down altogether.  This is one aspect of your site where it is much better to be cautious up front, so that you do not regret hasty choices down the road, after losing valuable customers.  Take the time to really investigate different services.  Check out their features, their reliability and their technical support staff.  Your web hosting service provider is a valuable partner in your web based business.

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