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Home > Learn More > Web Hosting Service Providers have Other Services

Web Hosting Service Providers have Other Services

Web hosting service providers have other services as well one of the fastest growing industries today is the web hosting service niche.  With more websites being launched every day, the demand for web hosting services has never been greater.  In order to comprehend the basics of web hosting, it helps to know some of the essentials of how the internet and websites in general work. 

Website hosting is the process of a provider designating space on their servers for the data that makes up a website, and publishing it to the internet, or the world wide web.  The world wide web is a network of all of the internet connected computers across the world.  Through this network, the individual computers can communicate with one another, allowing users to view web pages, upload and download content, and interact with other internet users anywhere on the planet.  The interaction between the computers is possible by the use of a standard protocol referred to as HTTP, or hypertext transfer protocol.

This is the common "language" that all computers on the internet use to speak to one another in various ways.  Using HTTP, website content is stored on specialized computers, called web servers, that are connected to the internet.  These servers are maintained by each site's web hosting company.  On the other side of town, or on the other side of the globe, if an individual wants to read the information stored on your website pages, they use an internet browser, such as Mozilla's Firefox or Internet Explorer, to search for a particular topic, subject or site online.  Once they have located what they were seeking, they are able to access the content stored on that server in the form of a document called a web page.  This is the general way in which the world wide web works. 

When you are choosing a web hosting service, you need to consider the fact that you are trusting them to keep your website available to the public.  If your site is a professional site, you are entrusting them with your livelihood, so it pays to make sure you have chosen wisely.  Ask a lot of questions, make sure you understand what services they will provide to you and what they will not, and check out reviews for different providers before making a final selection.

Some web hosting services offer additional services to their clients, in addition to standard web hosting service.  They may provide maintainence for your site, they might provide just a few email addresses or an unlimited amount, and they might have add ons to standard packages offering services such as additional storage space, extra bandwidth for traffic, or even website design and search engine optimization (SEO) services.  Know what you are getting before you commit to their services, as the services offered vary widely from company to company, and even from package to package within a single company.  As in most things, in web hosting a well informed consumer is much more likely to be a satisfied consumer.

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