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Home > Learn More > Web Hosting Reviews: Friend or Foe?

Web Hosting Reviews: Friend or Foe?

In today's modern economy, it is important to be cognizant of where your information comes from.  The source of your information often can tell you a lot about the possible reliability and bias of that data.  A big part at looking at the source of the information is looking at where the money came from, and who paid for the research and compilation of facts.  This is especially true in the web hosting services industry.

You have probably come across several different websites in the past with reviews of multiple web hosting sites.  A few of the review sites you will find are larger, professional websites.  They have paid customer service and technical support staffs, and put a lot of time and effort into maintaining their reviews with the most current information available to them.  They value their professional reputation and image, and will go to great lengths to make sure that they maintain it.

On the other hand, there are also many small, independent sites.  These sites often do not have any customer service professionals, and sometimes no real staff of any nature.  Quite frequently, the smaller web hosting service review sites are controlled by a single person, and the articles written are either stolen from other sources are have been outsourced. In between these two extreme ends of the spectrum there are a whole range of sites.

With most of these sites, whether small or large, you will find revenue producers such as banner or pop up advertising and affiliate marketing links.  Affiliate links are usually a welcome addition to a website, and advertising serves a necessary function, but for some websites, driving traffic to their paid advertising in their primary goal.  If the goal of the website is not to provide the best, most complete, most accurate, most useful information out there, but simply to get as many viewers of their advertising as possible, you can expect that the content will reflect that.  If the content is not the focus, it will not be the quality that it would be in a content driven website.

In many cases, this will mean that there is no quality control at all over the web hosting service provider reviews.  Sites such as this will not provide you with any real assistance in finding the best service for you.  It does not offer any significant value to the end user.
However, some web hosting review websites are very content focused.  They have a goal, often explicitly stated, of providing valuable, usable information to visitors to the website, and work very hard to make sure that their reviews are complete, fair and balanced. 

You can usually get a good feel for whether or not a review site is trustworthy just by taking a look at several of their reviews.  If you read nothing but positive reviews, then you can feel safe in assuming they are not giving you an accurate picture of consumers' real experiences with they various hosting services they review.  The reviews may still be useful, but you will want to make them only a small part of your decision making process, and not give them too much weight.  On the other hand, if you see a mix of positive, negative and neutral reviews, with detailed explanations, you can give the website more merit.  Either way, it pays to know the bias of the information you are counting on.

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