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Home > Learn More > Page 3 > Web Hosting And Internet Business

Web Hosting And Internet Business

Most businesses put a lot of effort at designing their websites, because the face value of a website counts. It is true that the look of a website creates the first impression, but many businesses do not seem to understand that website performance is what makes or breaks a website. The performance of your website depends on your web hosting service that silently does the job behind the scenes.

Web hosting is the lifeline of your website, without which your website will not work. No matter how beautiful a website you have, a web hosting company is the one that keeps it on the World Wide Web all the time. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable web hosting service.

Many businesses have had bad experiences with their websites going off the web at crucial times such as a product launch or a special offer. As a result they have lost business and clients. To make matters worse, the web hosting company could not be contacted in time, and by the time the website was up and running, the damage was irreparable.

The Right Web Hosting Company
The web hosting scenario is such that, cheapest may not always be the best. There are many web hosting companies that offer unbelievable cheap web hosting along with a host of services. Going for cheap hosting may get you stuck with sub-standard servers, unprofessional technical assistance and unreliable services. So don’t fall for marketing tactics; rather look for a web hosting company that has a proven track record.

Just having an email ID as a customer support point of contact is not good enough. A reliable web hosting service will have customer service personnel on standby 24/7. These personnel must be accessible by telephone or online chat.

The Right Web Hosting Package
Before you purchase a web hosting package, you must sit down and figure out what your requirements are. How many megabytes of space would you require for your website? How much bandwidth or, in other words, how many megabytes of data per second would you require to travel through your connection? Would you require email accounts? What kind of traffic are you expecting? What would your web content be: text, images, videos, audio, shopping carts?

It is important to check exactly what is included in your web hosting package and pay for only the services you require. There are businesses that go in for web hosting services that offer a variety of freebies, tools and other unlimited services. These companies try to make you buy services that you do not really require.

On the flip side, you wouldn’t want to get stuck with too little server space or too little bandwidth. If your clients find that your website is taking time to load, they might just close the browser- another client lost!

The Right Type of Web Hosting
If you are choosing shared web hosting, there will be other websites running from the same server. This is cheaper and is most often a good option. However, there are times when some website on the same server may run some demanding scripts or applications that may result in a server crash, affecting all other websites. Moreover, this type of hosting may be low in security.

So, if your business requires high security and credit card transactions, it is best to go in for dedicated web hosting. This type of web hosting allots you the entire web server. Not to mention that the cost is very high and can only be afforded by large businesses.


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