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Home > Learn More > Page 5 > Using SEM To Market Your Website

Using SEM To Market Your Website

We’ve talked about SEO – search engine optimization – now it’s time to talk about SEM.  SEM, which stands for search engine marketing, has to do with the way you market your website in an effort to improve its rankings in the many different search engines on the internet.  It includes using paid listings on other search engines that are related to the subject of your website.  You need to understand how SEM is going to help your website before you start working on optimizing your site so that you use the right techniques to not only improve your search engine rankings but also bring potential customers to your site.  The goal is to convert visitors to customers, just like in a physical store in any city in the world. 

Stop and consider how many people are using the internet on a daily basis and how many businesses have included a website to their physical business in order to bring in sales.  More and more people are using the internet and its many search engines to look up products and services.  Using SEM techniques is a good way for you to strengthen your businesses bottom line and it is a proven technique that has worked on millions of e-commerce owners.  There are numerous SEM techniques you can apply to your website to make it not only visible but also viable.  90% of all website traffic is generated by major search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Because of this, all website owners that are currently running successful online businesses have optimized their sites and marketed them in such a way that they get the traffic they need.   

Search engine optimization is the most important aspect of SEM.  When you use this technique you create appealing web pages that are rich in keywords relative to your website.  It helps you build up your link popularity and push your webpage higher in the search engine rankings.  Keywords are inserted into the body of the web page in the text as well as in the title tags and meta tags if they are included.  Sometimes, if properly done, SEO is all you need to get your website marketed and the traffic flowing to it.  While other techniques are not required and does not have to be used for a successful SEM campaign, SEO is a requirement and one that you do not want to do without. 

Additionally, you want to use some PPC – or Pay Per Click – campaigns with your SEM strategy.  This strategy for marketing your website allows you to place high profile banners and other advertising items safely around the internet in an effort to draw in customers.  Each time a potential customer clicks on your banner, you pay a set amount of money that was previously determined by you and the advertising company you are working with.  This technique is highly focused on targeting the audiences and generating sales once the customer has clicked on your banner and made it to your website. 

You need to understand how customers search the internet to find what they want.  This is what SEO and SEM techniques help you do.  They help you set up your site to cater to the web surfer and draw them in.  Remember, keywords are the basis of all successful SEO and SEM campaigns and they should be included no matter what.

Several web hosting companies and even blog hosts offer credits towards your Pay-Per-Click campaigns when you decide to host with them. One such company,, offers a $50 Google Adwords credit and a $25 Yahoo search credit. Considering that the hosting account only costs $46 for the year, it pays for itself.


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