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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > Understanding the Nuances of Web Hosting

Understanding the Nuances of Web Hosting

Technology is moving at the speed of light.  No longer do we say ‘That’s Impossible’ we say ‘Technology hasn’t come that far yet.  We need to wait a few years.

If your profession does not involve the use of the internet on a daily basis, your contemporaries will consider you ‘computer or technologically illiterate’ or if you are into political correctness you are technically challenged.  Your friends will snicker behind your back or shake their heads in disbelief but, never fear Internet web hosting is here.

Let’s say you want to start your own online business.  First, comes the all important terminology.  Repeat after me….web hosting.  This term will be used frequently so let’s get the definition right the first time.

What or who is a Web Hosting Dedicated Server—No this isn’t Jeopardy—but if you pay attention you will probably make more money than you would win on Jeopardy. 

A web host can be a company or an individual who owns a piece of equipment called a server. That server is connected to the World Wide Web or Internet.  That connection is operating 24/7.   This company or individual who has this server is called a web host.  OK, this web host who has this server is willing to lease you space on that server for X amount of money.  If this individual or company is doing theri job correctly the perfect web host will be online 99.9% of the time.  There are some companies who will over promise and under deliver and will not be able to achieve this goal. There is a wide range of what a hosting service can do or will do.  It is up to you the customer to do your homework, and research what you need, what you want and what you can afford to meet all your internet needs.

How Do I Locate the Superlative Web Hosting Server for what I need?
There are countless types of web hosts. It is imperative that you review, research, ask around and determine what your personal or business needs are in a web hosting company.  Prior to any business transactions talk to someone who has started what you are about to start.  Have them show you how their website works and start asking questions.  See which web hosting company or individual is right for them and why.   It is also very important to research all web hosting companies you come in contact with.  Make doubly sure they can guarantee the type of service and functionality you are looking for.  Ask what the parameters or limits are of their services.  Once you have chosen a host then and only then do you talk price.  Make sure it is within your budget and let them know what is within your budget. 

Don’t let them railroad you into something you don’t want, need or afford.  Take the time to talk to each company personally.  Let’s hope they will be honest with you and give you the ups and downs of their business.  If at any time you feel uncomfortable or pressured tell them thank you and leave.  Go on to the next one on your list, and start all over again.  There are web hosting search services but those will cost money you might not have.  If you’re not sure about everything don’t sign.  Don’t get caught in buyer’s remorse.


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