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Home > Learn More > Page 2 > Top Three Paid Web Hosting Companies

Top Three Paid Web Hosting Companies

In your search for a web hosting service provider, you should figure out the specific needs of your site before you can make an informed decision.  This will help you avoid the trap of expensive web hosting packages with all of the bells and whistles, if what you really need is something simple and affordable.  For example, do not be impressed by a package that offers you ten times the storage space your site requires.  Even with growth, you will be paying for space you will likely never use.

Three of the top paid web hosting companies today are HostMonster, BlueHost and FastDomainHosting.  There are many other popular web hosting companies, as well, but these are three of the most reputable and reliable.  All three of these web hosting service providers offer a wide variety of features to appeal to website owners, at a very reasonable monthly cost.

HostMonster costs only $4.95 per month, with a free domain for life and no set up fees.  They allow you to have unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub domains and email addresses, and offer a 99.9% up time guarantee.  They provide you with support for up to 100 MYSQL databases, and use cPanel software for updating your website.  They provide support for WordPress and b2evolution so that you can have a blog on your site if desired, and also provide a guestbook and message forums.  Poll and survey software is also included, as is shopping cart capability.  In addition, HostMonster will submit your site to the major search engines, and gives you fifty dollars in Google credits that can be used with their AdWords service.  Both the search engine submission and the AdWords can drive substantial traffic to your new site.

BlueHost offers a package that is quite similar to the package offered by HostMonster.  Web hosting service is $4.95 a month with BlueHost.  BlueHost is known for allowing a variety of enhanced multimedia features on its sites.  It also offers around the clock monitoring and technical support, unlimited bandwidth and storage space, and the ability to have up to two thousand five hundred email accounts for your website.  You can update your own site using the cPanel software included.

FastDomainHosting is a third site that is comparable to BlueHost and HostMonster.  It offers a free domain, free set up, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space, all for $5.95 each month.  You have support for 100 MYSQL databases and two thousand five hundred email accounts.  Technical support is available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  Like both HostMonster and BlueHost, you have access to upload new information to your site via the cPanel software provided.

All three of these web hosting service providers offer packages for less than ten dollars per month, with unlimited bandwidth and storage space.  In addition, they all offer 24/7 monitoring and technical support via a toll free number, email and live chat, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee.  They all support JavaScript, Flash and Shockwave animations.  All three allow multiple domains and subdomains, for future expansion.  After doing some in depth research on these sites, along with any others that also seem to meet your needs at a reasonable price, you are sure to find the right web hosting solution for your individual needs.


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