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Home > Learn More > Page 3 > The Top 5 Forum Platforms Compared

The Top 5 Forum Platforms Compared

If you are asking yourself what a Forum Platform is then we have the answer. A Forum Platform is the means by which website visitors can discuss topics usually relevant to the website they are visiting. These platforms come with various functions but are all usually the same in their operations and features. Some may have a wide assortment of emoticons while others are just plain and to the point. Some forums offer a chat option which is often similar to any other chat client on the web while many nuances in design may exist. The top 5 of them are as follows.

Phbb is a completely customizable Open Source bulletin board package which contains a user-friendly interface. It is straightforward and user-friendly. It contains a comprehensive FAQ. This program is the perfect free community answer for your website. It is based on a strong PHP server language with your choice of MySql, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL or Access/ODBC.

vBulletin has been written in the scripting language PHP and is excellently complemented by an extraordinarily efficient and mega fast back-end database utilizing MySQL. In 1999 James Limm and John Percival were running a Visual Basic website using Info pop's UBB Classic forum software on VB Forums. As the site grew in numbers they realized that the system was not capable of handling the amount of traffic it had the luxury of receiving. Initially, vBulletin was designed solely as a rewrite of UBB, in PHP using MySQL, and was meant for their particular forum but soon other website developers were attracted to the software.

IPB, or Invision Power Board, is one of the planet’s leading providers of community solutions. An amazing number of large companies have chosen IPB as their primary Forum Platform. In addition, many smaller business have opted for this Forum Platform and more are choosing this as the most viable solution.

MyBB is a powerfully efficient as well as a free forum package which was developed in PHP and MySQL. MyBB was created with the end users in the forefront, and was created to give the user full reign over the program and its ability to be customized. Many styles as well as themes give you the most control over your forum via the template which are included.

Simple Machines Forum, or SMF, is a free high end grade software package which will assist you in developing and setting up the on line community quickly and efficiently. SMF was designed originally to replace the forum software YaBB SE, which had gathered an ill reputation due to the problems present in its Perl-Based ancestor software. YaBB had quickly become archaic and many felt that its usefulness had been expended. At the time, though, YaBB was attributed to creating resource allocation difficulties on many a system. YaBB SE was written as a highly resistant PHP port of the original YaBB and still contained many of the same difficulties as some of the older YaBB versions. The difficulties relate primarily to security. Jeff Lewis and Joseph Fung of Lewis Media Inc., the actual owners of YaBB SE as well as the original owners of SMF made the choice to change to a new brand and name.

As you can see there is a wide range of Forum Platform options for you to choose from. These are only the Top 5 today. It is clear that the basics of most of these software packages is the same. It is a matter of what suits you the individual web designer.


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