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Home > Learn More > Page 5 > Three Essential SEO Elements For Your Site

Three Essential SEO Elements For Your Site

Search engine optimization – abbreviated as SEO – is the best way to prepare your website for the many different search engines that are used on the internet.  These search engines are the reason behind visitors making it to your website, and if your site has great search engine rankings then you are probably getting quite a bit of traffic.  Web masters are constantly looking for ways to make their websites stick out above the rest, and by using SEO techniques you can succeed in this endeavor.  There are three essential elements in SEO that you should incorporate in your website.  Let’s take a look at them. 

Keywords and Phrases
The use of keywords and phrases is the simplest way to make your website search engine optimized and it is one of the most widely used techniques.  When you search the internet you enter keywords into the search engine and spiders ‘crawl’ through out the world wide web looking for instances of the keyword you entered.  When they are found, the search engine displays the web page the spider found the word on and it becomes part of a list for you to look through.  Key phrases work in the same way except they are a string of words that are bundled together.  Key phrases can be questions or in other formats that correspond to a particular niche.  When you include key words and phrases into your websites text, you are helping your website attract more traffic. 

Page Titles
The next time you bring up a webpage take a look at the top left corner of your browser.  There is text there that gives you detail about the website you are looking at and maybe even a brief description about the page you are on.  This is the title of the web page itself and many people do not include them in their websites.  They should because this is one of the first things a search engine spider will find when they land on your website during a search.  Add these titles to your web pages and make them key word rich – but not overdone – and relative to the site itself.  They do not have to be long titles, and if you use the keywords properly here your site will be found quicker and draw in traffic.  If you overuse keywords in your title, the search engine may skip your website. 

Keyword Density
As we just mentioned, you do not want to overstuff your web pages with keywords.  Keyword density is important to remember because if you overuse them you will never get anywhere in the search engine rankings.  Your site will simply be ignored.  By paying attention to keyword density you can avoid that from happening.  In order to determine how many keyword instances you should have on your page you will need to take the number of keyword instances and divide it by the number of words on your page.  For example, a 500 word page should have a keyword density of about 5%.  More than that is considered keyword stuffing and less will not make as big of an impact on your site as you need.
Many web hosting companies offer website builders and blog hosting packages such as Wordpress, which already have many SEO friendly features built right in. One such hosting company that offers this is They offer many great website hosting deals.


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