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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > Thinking about Free Web Hosting?

Thinking about Free Web Hosting?

Once you decide to go in for a website hosting company you have 2 different options:
Free and Paid.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  Mom always said you can’t get something for nothing.  That’s not always true.  Free does have its advantages.  It depends on the use and place of the client.

Why in the world should someone use Free Web Hosting?
If we consider a commercial website is exclusively for commercial use such as an EBay store, uptime and functionality are an absolute must.  However if you are a new small business and uptime is not an absolute necessity free web hosting may be an option for you. Having said, when does a small business owner feel that up time is not important?

If the web host promises you 99.7% uptime and at the end of the day it is only 98% uptime you can’t hold them to their promise because you’re not paying for it.  No one will ask why? Since their clause mention lack of uptime guarantee due to free of cost service. As mentioned above, along with a crucial business website one cannot commit suicide by relying on a free web hosting.

Though, there are several user’s trying something outstanding or different from others on their websites, not assured with positive output. For them free web hosting is the best choice as it does not involve any gamble with currency and both parties can prevent themselves from any unanticipated damage. Each person learns from experiences and what can be the best way to learn as compare to it? One can see free hosting plans as supreme platform for optimistic webmasters to launch themselves to a new helpful scenario. Certainly, it is not free in the real sense, they ask something in return i.e. visiting sponsors, exhibiting ads on hosted pages, reading emails, and not long, sharing in online communities of the free web-host

On the other hand, there are several users who heir free web hosting for a personal site as they do not think there is any use to denote time and payment for it. Still one can find few free web hosts in the market offering free service for nothing just to deal with. Thus, an apparent objective for going for a free web hosting is quite imperative. If the objective is sensitive and no excuse to problematic situations, then one should not recommend free web hosting. Free web hosting is definitely not something that businesses should consider, irrespective if they are small or large.

Why position of the user?
In the present scenario, one can afford Web hosting plans in a reasonable way (some even for $1 a month). Thus, charges are not a big issue regarding web hosting for the people having high standard of living, reserve revenue can be a good option for the people to groom their web site. Further, working people can use a PayPal account as a source of payment. If one talks about students and young people they do not have much revenue to spend. For them, free web hosting plans can be the last and best alternative.

Hence, one cannot consider free web hosting a terrible thing as people of some specific category can utilize it to fulfill their goals. So, for the students and people trying to learn new things and gaining new experience can select, free web hosting can be a good alternative to consider. For any business, personal blog, start up or otherwise, free web hosting is a big no-no!


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