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Home > Learn More > Page 2 > The History of Web Hosting

The History of Web Hosting

Web hosting has developed into a massive industry as more and more businesses are built with the goal of providing web site hosting to individuals and companies. For more than a decade and a half, web hosting has continued to grow and evolve into the multi-million dollar industry that exists today. With the creation of the world wide web, users of the new technology began to realize a need for web hosting, which is the storage of the data and information contained in a web site for the owner of that web site. Before the invention of web hosting, anyone with information that they wanted to display on the Internet had to have his or her own individual dedicated server to hold the data. Clever entrepreneurs quickly realized that they could capitalize on this need by buying and setting up several servers and renting out the space on them to others who did not have the time, resources, or interest to invest in operating their own servers. From this need, the web hosting industry was born.

Beginning in 1991, commercial restrictions on the world wide web were removed, creating a boom of commercial activity that began to take place across the world. Companies scrambled to develop a presence on the Internet in order to stay competitive. The possibilities of expanding commerce on the Internet were seemingly limitless, and web hosting made it possible for practically anyone to have a website of their own, regardless of whether the user was a single individual, or a large corporation.

The revolution of electronic commerce that began 17 years ago encouraged companies to view the web for the vast potential that it had to bring in clients from all over the world by hosting a web site on the Internet. Until this revolution took place, the Internet was in use largely by the academic world, and only technically proficient users were able to figure out how to operate a site on the net. As the technology progressed to become more accessible to the average user, the difficulty level of the administration of servers and the techniques used in hosting web sites became less complicated. This allowed a wider variety of services to crop up as companies began to offer to host web sites for less savvy users.

Web hosting began as a very complex and expensive venture, but has grown to include even basic users. Now, space on a server can be purchased relatively cheaply, and almost anyone has access to being able to host a web site. The technology has become extremely user friendly and the techniques involved in web hosting continue to improve. There are now a variety of services that are designed to meet the needs of clients both large and small.

Web hosting services have come a long way since their conception in 1991, and every year, millions of dollars are spent in the business of developing better and faster techniques for hosting web sites. Having a web site is practically a business necessity these days. It is one of the best way for businesses of any size to stay competitive in the market, since their competitors will almost certainly have a web site hosted on a server with a web hosting firm. Web hosting has come a long way in its 17 year history, and will continue to grow and develop as more and more companies find uses for the world wide web.


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