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Home > Learn More > Page 6 > The Best in ASP Web Hosting

The Best in ASP Web Hosting

If you are operating a website that is created using ASP, it’s essential ascertain you have the best ASP web hosting. That doesn’t mean you have to pay a substantial amount of money for it, but you do need to ascertain the ASP web hosting provider is able to meet your needs. For example, if you need 24 hour technical support, you don’t want to choose an ASP web hosting provider that is only open until midnight. At the same time if you need unlimited bandwidth you don’t want to choose a provider that limits you to amounts that are less than what you require to keep your website up and running.

Do not be fooled into thinking the best ASP web hosting is the most expensive. Many people make this mistake and are very disappointed later—you need to conduct some research on different providers of ASP web hosting in order to determine the one that will best suit your needs. Do not use price as the primary reason although you can find many qualified providers that do not charge for the hosting. Look at all of the information, especially if you need a dedicated host because the prices will vary greatly for its service compared to shared hosting. Ask yourself if you really need dedicated hosting or if it is just something you want for your company.

Other angles you may want to consider include who does the updates, promotion, submission to search engines and majority of the marketing of your website. While it is natural you would want to market your website, the provisions of your web hosting package may provide some promotion by the web hosting provider. This is usually in the form of submitting your website to the search engines and providing SEO consultation and advice. It may sometimes go beyond this scope but this gives you a basis from which to being. You will more than likely do the majority of the actual marketing; i.e. making sure everyone knows about your website, ensuring it is printed on business cards and in the signature lines of email.

When it comes to choosing the best ASP hosting provider, you should first look at your needs—make a list before you begin looking. The choices you make during the conception period will determine how well your business is going to do later. If you slack on promotion or choose a hosting provider that cannot meet your needs, you will not do as well as you could do if you make the right choices. You may have to take some extra time to choose the provider that you feel confident will be able to service you expertly, but it is better to take some extra time and make the right choice than to rush into it and make the wrong one. Remember the success of your business depends on drawing traffic to your website, and you can only do that when you choose an ASP web hosting provider that is experienced and willing to work with you.


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