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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > The Best Companies to Register your Domain Name

The Best Companies to Register your Domain Name

In order to expand and offer more services, a company will need to move to the internet. By registering a domain name, a company will have a unique online address that includes a company name and generally ends in .com, .net, .org, .info, .us, .biz, .tv, and more.

In order to register a domain name a company will need to find a domain service provider that may also host the site. This begins by researching domain sites on the internet for prices, and various services such as domain transfer, renewal rates, domain forwarding, domain transfer, renewal fees, registrar features, privacy protection, and customer support. With the hundreds of domain sites out there, it can be an overwhelming process. But sites such as and feature extensive databases that compare sites along with user and professional reviews on various domain hosting websites, which can narrow down your options

When you decide on an actual domain name you have to reserve it through a domain host. This can be an affordable and user-friendly service. There are numerous popular web hosting companies such as,,,,, and yahoo web hosting. These sites charge a fee for the maintenance of your domain name, which can increase depending on additional fees. Through these sites you can search for your prospective domain name and see if it is an available URL through the domain’s locator system. If it is available the site will register the URL where you will choice a hosting package. If it is not available the site can assist you in finding a similar site. There is also a service online from VeriSign where you place keywords that include your business name and services pertaining to your business, where the site will offer suggestions for a domain name.

In addition to the well-known hosting companies, there are hundreds of smaller companies that are advisable to work with, especially for smaller and newer companies. Some sites may even offer free hosting and free trial hosting, which is a great service when a company is new to registering online. Companies such as,,,,, and offer some of the best deals, packages and services for domain hosting online.

Domain Zoo features a free website builder and additional features including trial web hosting, SSL certificates, free email and Windows and Linux plans. 4Domains is another quality domain host. They are accredited by ICANN and feature low cost options and specials along with unlimited mailboxes. DirectNIC features easy to use web tools for monitoring the site, which is ideal for a first-time user.  GKG features free domain management tools and affordable domain registration, web hosting, and SSL certificates, and other programs. Name Secure works in partner with leaders in the industry and feature free trial of services so that users can test out if they would need it or not. They also have lock-protect security on all domain names to protect your company against spam and hacking. Name Scout is one of the best sites to go to for domain name registration. They offer domain/hosting packages at a low price as well as free trials.

When registering a domain name there are literally hundreds of companies to choose from but only a few that may offer you what you need. It is important to research your registration/hosting company before committing to it so you can enjoy your new identity online.


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