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Tech Spotlight

The History of AU Optronics
AU Optronics is a company, which manufactures thin film transistor liquid crystal display panels, which are more commonly known as TFT LCD. The company is officially known as AU Optronics Corporation and is a Chinese based company. The company is a publically traded company and is on the New York Stock Exchange as AUO. Continue Reading

The History of Century Tel
Century Tel was founded in 1930. From that time on, the company has grown by acquiring smaller companies. The company was founded by F. E. Hogan Sr., as the Oak Ridge Telephone Company, with only 75 paying subscribers. The company was sold to William Clarke for just $500. The company remained a family owned company until 1968. Continue Reading

The History of BlackBerry
The company has even expanded its Blackberry email service in order to make it compatible with non blackberry devices such as Palm Treos and other PDAs. The first Blackberry devices had only monochromatic displays, but they have expanded their technology in order to provide customers with color-rich displays that seem to get better with every new release. Continue Reading

The History of BroadCom
BroadCom Corporation is a public company that provides integrated circuits for the broadband communications sector. The company, a United States supplier, is worldwide. The company was founded in August of 191 and is run by co founders Henry Samueli and Henry Nicholas. The company is in the semiconductor and electronics industry. Continue Reading

The History of Brother
Brother International Corporation is a superior provider when it comes to providing various products for their home and their office. The Brother International Corporation operates their head quarters office out of Bridgewater, New Jersey and was established in the United States on April 21st of 1954. The Brother International Corporation provides consumers with a wide variety of various products. Continue Reading

The History of Canon
Canon operated under the name “Kwanon” for the first ten years of operation. During this time they produced the first 35 mm focal plane shutter camera and an indirect X-ray camera which was a first on the Japanese market. They changed their name to Canon Camera Co Inc in 1947 and then late simply to Canon Inc. Continue Reading

The History of CapGemini
Capgemini has four fundamental objectives. The company encourages employees to strive to use their expertise to benefit the client, to ensure sustainable long-term growth, to provide a return on investments, and to promote employee development. Capgemini helps their client deal with changing business and technology issues. Continue Reading

The History of Casio
Casio was first established through the success of a cigarette pipe. In 1946 Tadao Kashio, the founder of Casio invented a yubiwa pipe that, after the World War II, turned quite valuable. With the success of his pipe, Kashio created Japan’s first electro-mechanical calculators in 1954. Continue Reading

The History of CDW
CDW Corporation, as it is officially called, is a private company that is a leading provider and reseller of computer related products. The company was founded in 1984, and is currently headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois, in the United States. John Edwardson is the current Chairman for the company. Continue Reading

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