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Tech Spotlight

The History of Cisco
Cisco Systems, Inc. is a multinational corporation with over  66,000 employees with annual revenue of US$39 billion as of 2008. Continue Reading

The History of Overture
Overture, which is owned by Yahoo Inc., offers marketing services for any company who does marketing and wishes to promote its business online. Continue Reading

The History of Wikipedia
This article gives a brief summary of the history of Wikipedia and how it began. Continue Reading

The History of Dell
Dell, Inc, which was ranked the 25th largest company on the Fortune 500 list by Forbes magazine, began its cosmic rise in 1984 when Michael Dell used a mere $1000 dollars to found PC’s Limited. Continue Reading

The History of Network Solutions
When Network Solutions was founded in 1979 it was a technology consulting company with approximately thirty employees and a focus on applications development. Continue Reading

The History of Macromedia
If you have a computer with internet access, or you have ever been online, then there is probably very little doubt that you have come across one of Macromedia’s products at one time or another. Continue Reading

The History of IBM
The History of IBM goes back further than the development of computers. It was originally a Tabulating Machine Company founded in 1896 by Herman Hollerith. Continue Reading

The History of Intel
Intel began in 1968. It was founded by Gordon E. Moore who is also a physicist and chemist. He was accompanied by Robert Noyce, also a fellow physicist and co-creator of integrated circuitry, after they both had left Fairchild Semiconductor. Continue Reading

The History of Microsoft
When anyone hears the name Microsoft to think of one person: Bill Gates, the founder of  the company. It’s said that Bill Gates is one of the smartest programmers ever.Continue Reading

The History of Google
Everyone knows the name Google. Whether young or old, computer smart or not this name will pop up in any conversation about computers.Continue Reading

The History of GoDaddy
GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar and wed hosting company that also sells e-business related software and services.Continue Reading

The History of Sony
Whether you have owned or used TV’s, radios, mp3 players or the like, the odds are high that you have come across a Sony product.Continue Reading

The History of Compaq
If you have ever owned a computer or even ever used a computer, the odds were pretty high that at one point you used a Compaq computer.Continue Reading

The History of AMD
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. is an American based company operating out of Sunnyvale, California. The company, which has now spanned three decades, first began operation in 1969. Continue Reading

The History of Word Press
WordPress is a blog template system that was launched in 2001 as a single bit of code used to enhance the composition of writing.Continue Reading

The History of Netscape Navigator
: Marc Andreessen is a central figure in the Netscape saga. He is cofounder of Netscape Communications Corporation and is also the co-author of Mosaic at the National Center for Super computing Applications.Continue Reading

The History of Apple
Before Steve Wozniak was co-founder of Apple, he hacked electronics. As a child Wozniak became so enthralled with mathematical questions that his mother would shake him to bring him to reality.Continue Reading

The History of Oracle
Oracle Corporation is in the top three of the line developers of enterprise software, but most do not know how they got their start or how they came to be so big.Continue Reading

The History of Adobe
If you were to hear the word Adobe 50 years ago, you probably would have automatically thought of the clay building material.Continue Reading

The History of ICANN
Pronounced eye-can, the ICANN stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They are based out of Marina Del Rey, California, in the United States.Continue Reading

The History of Symantec
Gary Hendix founded Symantec in 1982. With the aid of a National Science Foundation grant, Hendix hired natural language processing researchers from Stanford University and focused on artificial intelligence related projects.Continue Reading

The History of MIT
In 1861, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts approved a charter that had been submitted by the natural scientist, William Barton Rogers in 1859. The charter requested that newly opened lands in Boston be used to build a Museum and Conservatory of Art and Science.Continue Reading

The History of CNET
the help from the co-founder of Fox, Kevin Windle, CNET produced four television programs in 1994. All of these programs were about computers, internet, and technology.Continue Reading

The History of Alta Vista
Alta Vista is a one of the leading providers of technology and search services on the web.Continue Reading

The History of Internet Explorer
The very first Internet Explorer was derived from Spyglass Mosaic. The browser was modified and then release as Internet Explore by Microsoft.Continue Reading

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