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Home > Learn More > A Sundry of Options for Web Hosting

A Sundry of Options for Web Hosting

In the time since the internet came about, many millions of websites have been created. All of those websites shared one common feature, web hosting. Web hosting is what allows website owners to share their webpage with the internet.

One big myth about web hosting is that all web hosting packages are identical. On the contrary, depending on what type of site you are building, and how popular that site is, you might find that you need a web hosting solution that is more professional grade than the package that works fine for a more basic or lower traffic website. Professional web hosting packages are more expensive than entry level web hosting solutions, but don’t worry, there are affordable packages for any budget.

Free web hosting is often a great option if you are just getting started, don’t have a large budget, and would like no strings attached website hosting. Many sites that offer free web hosting allow you not only to make your own website, but they also walk you through the process of learning how to do it. The unfortunate down side of free hosting are the pop up ads and other advertising that you have to endure. They also tend to have limits as to the size and complexity of your website. However, if all you need is a basic site, easy to create, and low to no cost, free web hosting can be a great solution for you, providing everything you need.

Shared web hosting is the favored solution of many webmasters. If you need something more detailed and in depth than what you can get from a free web hosting provider, or if you are just unwilling to close one more pop up ad, shared web hosting may be just the right answer for you. With shared hosting, a single server houses multiple websites. Hundreds of different sites reside on a typical shared web hosting server. While providing much more flexibility and customization for your site, shared hosting is still quite affordable for most businesses, costing only a few dollars per month. However, the risk of shared hosting is that you share an IP with all of the sites with which you share a server. If one of those websites did something illegal, there is a chance that your site would be shut down along with theirs. If you choose shared web hosting as the solution for your website, you must be careful that the web host is reputable and has a policy that prohibits and discourages illegal activity on the shared servers.

If neither of these alternatives meet your needs, you can do what many professional companies do – invest in dedicated web hosting for your site. With dedicated hosting, your website is the only site on your server. This gives your site extra bandwidth for more visitors, and more freedom and flexibility with the site, as well as its own individual IP. While dedicated hosting is definitely the option that provides you with the most range of creativity, most traffic potential and most safety for your site, it is unfortunately the most expensive of all the web hosting options.

Regardless of what you are looking to make, web hosting is necessary. From free companies to dedicated servers with only one website, there are endless opportunities.


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