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Home > Learn More > Page 5 > Steps to Take when You Choose an ASP Host

Steps to Take when You Choose an ASP Host

Like anything else you choose for your business, there are steps you should take when choosing an ASP host. It’s not as simple as conducting a search and choosing the first ASP host that comes up. You do not choose vendors for your business in such a way; you should not choose a host for your ASP website so nonchalantly either. Before you do anything you want to make a list of your requirements—first those that are mandatory and then those you would like to have. You want to do this so you can eliminate some of the providers from the onset, namely those that are not able to meet your mandatory requirements. Unless none of the free hosts can meet your mandatory requirements there should be no need to be concerned about price.

When you have narrowed your search to a few providers who may be able to meet your requirements for an ASP host you can conduct some research: reputation, reliability, uptime/downtime averages and customer satisfaction. All of these are important points and will be integral in your selection of an ASP host. You don’t want someone who is unable to meet your needs or has a substantial amount of downtime. Your goal is to sell products or services from your website, and you cannot do that successfully if you have an ASP host that cannot keep the server running efficiently. Or has a server that is down more than it is up.

Price should be the very last thing you use to choose an ASP host and then only if you need it as a tiebreaker. Keep in mind there are a substantial number of free ASP providers, so there is little chance you will you will need to pay for services unless you choose to do so. On the other hand, if you require dedicated hosting you will pay extra for that. Since ASP must run off an active server you want to make sure you choose a compatible server. You will find this information on the website where you sign up for hosting; if it doesn’t state specifically that they are compatible with ASP you have two options: you can eliminate that ASP host and look for a provider that clearly states they are compatible with ASP or you can spend the time to call or email someone in the customer service department for answers to your questions. If you are looking to finalize your selection and cannot reach someone immediately, you may wish to eliminate that ASP host for your list and move on to another one.

The ASP host you choose should make you feel confident and comfortable with your decision. There should be 24 hour technical support in case of an outage but most importantly you should not have any second thoughts about the web hosting company you choose. If you do not have complete confidence in your decision, you are not yet ready to make a selection.


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