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Home > Learn More > Page 3 > Searching For The Best Web Hosting Providers?

Searching For The Best Web Hosting Providers?

Searching for the best web hosting providers can be tough, and also time consuming. With thousands of companies offering this service, even doing a very basic search and examination will take a long time. But it’s worth it. It’s complicated and difficult, but needs to be done. You may have the best web site in the world, but if your hosting company is unreliable you won’t get many visitors.

Don’t wait until your web site is ready to begin you search for the best web hosting providers. You will be under tremendous time pressure and will not able to do a good job. Take a little time off each day while you are creating your site. Even an hour will do fine. Check out the web hosting company’s own site as well as online reviews where you will get a more balanced picture of the company’s performance.

You don’t need to check out all the companies you come across – some you will dismiss as soon as you see their web sites. For the rest, prepare a filtering system based on certain parameters like cost, reputation, reliability, support, variety of packages available, payment options, and any other issues that are of importance to you. Give marks against each heading – some will carry more marks than others. For example, the maximum value for reliability could be 20 and for ease of use it could be 10. The total should add up to hundred. Now set yourself a cut off point, and any web hosting company that scores below the cut off point should be rejected.

The final list that you have will be of high scoring web hosting companies that have done well in the operational aspects that you think are important. Take the top five companies from the list and contact them to have any queries you may have answered, and also to see if there is any room for negotiation on the costs. Based on the final outcome of your negotiations with the companies and the way they have answered your queries, rank them. Now you know whom to contact.

As to what are the things you should look for, when searching for the best web hosting providers, the key issues are:

•              Reliability – The web host must be able to guaranteed 99% uptime. Remember that when the server is down no one thinks of the web host; all they know is that the site is down.
•              Support – A 24/7 support system with phone, email and chat access is the best.
•              Ease of use – Having a control panel that is easy to understand and use so that you are able to manage your site yourself and make adjustments when needed is a great blessing.
•              Space – How much space are they offering you? Are there any limitations if you need more space in the future as your site grows bigger?
•              Security – If you are going to be accepting payments online security is a major issue. You will be keeping customer profiles and contact data, credit card, check and Paypal information on the server. You need to be sure that this information remains secure.
•              Cost – This is of course important, but it is at the end of the list because you will have to judge for yourself whether you want to go in for a lower cost option if it means compromising on any of the other major aspects of the web host’s operations.


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