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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > Need To Change Your Web Hosting Company?

Need To Change Your Web Hosting Company?

As much as we hate to do it, at times we have no other option than to consider changing our web hosting company. As a business owner, it’s important that you have an excellent web hosting company, after all your paying good money for it. However, your current web host isn’t living up to their promises and worse yet they’re not living up to your needs and your business is suffering.  Whatever the issue is, be it marginal tech support, too much down time or other inefficiencies; it’s time to change your hosting provider.  A few details you need to be aware of before making the move. 

First, transfer the website for the existing web hosting service to the new provider.  Ask the current host to transfer your website to hopefully a better host. Planning for a scheduled transfer should be done in no less than 30 days.  This will ensure a worry free transaction.  If you try and rush this mistakes are bound to happen.  You have had enough trouble with the current host you don’t want a rough start with your new one.

Registering with your new service
Have a chat with your new service provider and make sure all necessary forms and payments are made before the transfer takes place.  Don’t muddle with waters of your new contract by failing to pay a bill or sign for the transfer. 

Backup your files.
This gets filed under the category of ‘Better safe than sorry.’  Once the new host has taken over your account; it is time to backup everything.  If your host is up to speed he will back up your files as well.  Make sure to include HTML files, backup any script files or databases for good measure.  Then you can produce a directory similar to the one on the web and then upload them into their proper directory.

Upload your files

Your new web hosting provider will send you an email notification of your new account.  The information you will need to set up your website will be included in that email.  The FTP server information will accompany your notification.  

Testing your new website

You can test your new website by using a temporary URL directory.  The first thing you need to do is test all the hyperlinks for full functionality.  Transfer your domain name to the new host and have it point to the new DNS.  After the user gets the DNS information through the email system; he will need to finish a successful registration with new web hosting provider. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable with leaving your old website host ask the new host to take care of all the awkward issues.  Clients switch website hosts frequently and the customer service people will get you the information you need from your old host.  

With most provider companies the change takes place within 72 hours or less.   Once the new DNS is displayed the transfer is complete. Minor adjustments can be made with out the help of the new provider. When the user checks his domain name he can examine the new home page, which denotes that the transfer of DNS is successful. After you have tested all the above programs, and you have received confirmation of those test. Only then should you terminate your old host company.


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