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Home > Learn More > Page 3 > Overview on Multi Domain Website Hosting

Overview on Multi Domain Website Hosting

Overview on Multi Domain Website Hosting

Multi domain hosting is a service that allows you to own multiple websites under one web hosting account. Although the website hosting account is a single one, you will be assigned different web addresses or domains, each of them leading to different websites. Although the quality of service and the speed offered by different shared web hosting companies vary, imagine having a number of websites all under the same umbrella.

What are the advantages of such web hosting provisions?
The main advantage is that you can get multiple domain names and thereby multiple websites all at a very economical cost. For example, if you have 5 websites and pay $60 per year for each of those websites, you are paying a total of $300 yearly for 5 websites. You can approach a web hosting company that provides multiple hosting, who will charge you about $150 per year or less for all 5 websites. Now that’s a huge cost reduction while you manage to do almost everything you used to do with 5 separate accounts.

You can control all activities via a control panel provided to you. You can upload, download and make whatever changes you want to make in your website. You can also assign certain emails to certain domain names.

Why do web hosting companies allow multi domain hosting at cheap rates?
Of course these web hosting companies can charge separately for each domain and make more money rather than charging a consolidated and low fee for 8 to 10 multiple domains. The fact is that there are many players in the web hosting market, and the competition is getting fierce day by day. There are many shared web hosting companies that are willing to offer huge storage space and large bandwidth for reasonable fees. Therefore, multiple web hosting companies are willing to do anything in order to keep you as their customer.

More and more individuals and businesses are becoming web savvy and it is the customer who dictates trends these days. There are web hosting companies that are even willing to allow up to 50% discount on bulk purchases of multi domains.

Is multi domain hosting and reseller hosting the same? 
Many people confuse multi domain hosting with reseller hosting. Although both have similar functions, they differ in the hosting software. Reseller accounts are designed to be sold to someone else for a fee, but multi domain hosting is meant for a single user to manage several websites under a common account.

Reseller hosting companies offer a more sophisticated control panel that allows the creation of sub accounts, whereas the multi domain control panel is a tool for the user to control the working of his multiple websites. There are multi domain owners who sell spare websites for a fee, thus making huge money since they pay only a fraction of what they are charging their clients.

What to look for in a multi domain hosting company?
Before choosing a multi domain web hosting company, make sure that their services are up to the mark. There are many companies that offer multi domain hosting at dirt cheap rates, but the customer often ends up with sub-standard services and slow server response. If your websites would require email, video or audio streaming, check that the bandwidth provided is sufficient, or else it will beat the purpose. Web hosting companies using UNIX hosting are cheaper, secure and powerful. Also check out if your web host provides you with free CGI scripts such as hit counters, forums and guest books.


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