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Home > Learn More > Page 5 > Many Web Hosting Companies Offer Control Panels

Many Web Hosting Companies Offer Control Panels

If you have your own website and are familiar with your web hosting server, then you are probably familiar with the control panel they offer that allows you to manipulate your website files and data.  Control panels provide you with all of the administrative control you need over your domains, databases, web stat features, and e-mail accounts in addition to other things.  Control panels vary among web hosting services and each of them offer different features and functions.  One thing they all have in common, however, is the fact that they are user-friendly and they allow you to do what you need to do from one centralized interface.  Plus, a good control panel can be easily used by someone who has little to no technical experience. 

Your control panel offers you tools that are necessary for working with your website on an administrative level.  They are designed to reduce the challenges that come with websites, and many of them use graphical user interfaces (GUI) with icons that are easy to understand and help you go where you need to within the control panel program with ease.  Many of them also come integrated with numerous tools and features that let you control other aspects of your website hosting account and you can access information such as bandwidth usage and other statistics on your site right from the control panel interface. 

Like all other programs and technologies that have come along over the years to help with web hosting and website maintenance, control panel programs have also evolved and become more intuitive.  Control panels now can be used to create e-mail accounts, add domain names, FTP your files, manage your databases, and provide you with the ability to backup your files and your website.  Plus, control panels today come with pre-designed templates and themes so that you can quickly set up your website without having to do a lot of complex computer programming.  With additional application installers, control panels put the world of running a website at your fingers. 

Taking into consideration the type of control panel a web hosting service offers is important and you should be able to preview the control panel or get information on it before you sign up for the service.  What you want the software to do will be up to what you need for your website, but you should look for control panels that offer you the following elements:

  • The control panel should be the first thing you see when you log into your account, and all of the essential features that you will be using for your website administration will be on the first page of the interface.
  • The control panel and the server platform that you are using should be compatible to one another.  Not all control panels will work with a specific operating system.
  • The control panel should have all of the features you want so that you get greater control over your website when you are administering it.

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