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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > Many Hosting Companies Offer Free Website Builders

Many Hosting Companies Offer Free Website Builders

For the beginner website builder, free website builders can be the perfect way to get online and get your website out there. You want to make sure the hosting company offers you not only a competitive price but also the features you need to stand out in a very competitive virtual world. We’ve listed five of the things any hosting company should offer you.

1.            Search Engine Status:
When you build a website, you want to ensure that it will actually be seen. This is where Google comes in, as Google is the world top search engine used. When someone searches for a keyword that is specific to your website, you want your website to pop up on the first page. Make sure your website hosting company promises this. Usually, the hosting company will have an additional area where you are add page titles, keywords and descriptions for every page on your site. This will help with your Google ranking and make sure you are seen and clicked on. 

2.            Google Tools:
Your website hosting company should also work with the different Google tools including Google Adsense, Adwords, and Google Analytics. All of these are vital to make a cash flow into your website with advertisement space. It will also help drive traffic to your site which can multiple your client potential. Your website hosting company should also be compatible with Google webmaster which will help you create a Sitemap for your site. Some web hosting services will offer you these options while others will only offer you a free trial basis. You need to decide how important these Google tools are for your business. If you go with the free option, ads will be directly placed onto your website and you will not have the chance to profit from them.

3.            Easy to Use Format:
The easiest format to use is the “drag and drop” format where you simply point and click to change the format and add text. There are several free companies that offer you this. Furthermore, you should check to make sure there is a help desk available, either through email or direct communication so you know you can get any additional help if you get stuck or confused.

4.            The Option to Upgrade:
This is incredibly important part of any website building company. Most free services are limited in what they can do, which is fine for those who do not need a high tech website. However, if you are looking to use your website as a money-making tool, then it might be a good idea to spend the extra cash and upgrade your website. Most free website builders will allow you to do this so you can test drive their services before committing to the membership. You can keep your existing site and simply add on with the additional features.  For many big name businesses, the upgrade is certainly worth it.

5.            Choice of your Website Function:
Finally, your website hosting company should give you the option of using your site for anything you want. Most website companies work with PayPal so you can buy, sell or auction items with your site. However, you can also use your site as a business website, a personal site or for any other purpose at all.


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