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Home > Learn More > Page 3 > Low Cost Web Hosting For You A Great Deal?

Low Cost Web Hosting For You A Great Deal?

Are you looking for a site to host your website? Low cost web hosting is the place to begin. Typically, when you’re starting a new website, you’re starting a new enterprise or a new business. This business is important to you and you want to get it started right in order to give it a fair chance of being successful. Sometimes, it’s worrisome to buy something that says “low cost” because what that could really mean is low quality. When you’re looking for a website hosting service, look to the low cost providers first and compare their offerings carefully. You can find a great deal out there for low cost web hosting.

Before you jump out there and start looking at the different varieties of web hosting services that are available, take some time to figure out what your website needs are. Think about how much disk space you’re going to need. A typical webpage will use only about 50kb of disk space. If you are going to have a database with a lot of graphics, you’ll need to think about more disk space. But a multi-page website with a reasonable amount of graphics will be fine with disk space of 20mb. 

You’ll need to think about the amount of bandwidth your website will need. The bandwidth is the amount of information that can be transmitted from your server website to your customer’s web browser. Most websites will use less than 2 GB per month of bandwidth, but think hard about your needs. Bandwidth costs the web host, money. This is a service that you will pay for, so you will need to be prepared. If you have a lot of audio or video downloads available on your website, you’ll need to have an increased amount of bandwidth available.

Two services you’ll need to consider are email accounts and what sort of support needs you’ll have for your site. Typically, five to ten available email accounts will be enough for a website. When you are looking at technical support, try to determine the needs of your site. Do you want to only pay for email support or do you need phone support as well? Do you need support available to you twenty-four hours a day or only during business hours? Understanding the needs of your website and your business will enable you to make the best decision for web hosting.

Once you set out on your search for a web hosting site, look carefully and consider your needs. Something to keep in mind during your search is that if a web hosting deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Do research web hosting sites and look at their offerings carefully. Many web hosting sites offer good service at a low cost and may be a good deal for a website that’s just starting out.  Once you get a sense of what basic costs of each of the web hosts and the variety of services they offer, spend some time reading user reviews of these services. Often, you’ll be able to find out what various web hosts do well and what they don’t do well by reading what customers have to say.

Low cost web hosting is available and can be a great deal for your business, if you’re starting out. Be confident in what you’re buying by understanding the needs of your business beforehand and buy web hosting that matches your needs.


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