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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > It’s Easy to Blog

It’s Easy to Blog

The word Blog is a contraction of the term ‘weblog’ - a log on the web. It is a type of website which is maintained primarily by an individual with current and frequent entries or commentary concerning events, or other relative data important to the person’s pursuits or interest. The word blog can also be used as in reference to an action; it may be used as a verb. Most blogs give information and opinion on a primary topic. Some serve as the source of a personal journal or on-line diary which may have Photos, images and links to other sites on the web. There are numerous forms of blogging, some focusing on the video aspect which is called a “Vlog”, or Photoblog for photographs, Sketchblog for sketching, Artlog for art work and MP3 blog for music. Podcasting can also be a form of blogging but is usually part of a grander social network. 

Many people find themselves juggling the question “to blog or not to blog?” Many issues arise after forming this question. Such as what am I interested in, will anyone read my work? How big should my blog be? Should I stick with just one primary focus or should I keep it random and always changing. The choice of course is entirely up to you. If you are uncertain to begin with maybe you can start with a blog about your favorite music and what music means to you or how it has affected your life. many people will be excited to read the information you unravel as you share this to the world. One should not get caught up in the blogging details as this will take from the essence of what it is you would like to convey. However whether you keep your blog detailed and complex or you just go for the meat of the topic. You will find that there are people of many cultural backgrounds who will be anxious to enjoy your work.

There are of course people who are interested in only reading other’s blogs. If you are entertaining the idea of keeping a blog, this is a great way to begin. reading other people’s blogs can be quite entertaining and insightful. Blogging can also be a great form of therapy. In today’s world where there is much ado about everything and nothing. The pressure’s of merely getting by and the pursuit of your own happiness can leave one feeling humdrum and quite possibly out of breath! It is fantastic that there is the opportunity to get some free on-line therapy and all you have to do is spill your guts or be finicky about what you share. The choice is entirely up to you.

If you decide that you would like to keep a blog, there are many Blog sites for you to explore e.g. Blogger, WordPress and Six Apart TypePad. Some blog sites appear to be more complex than others but over time you will see that it is all very quite simple and easy. For some it is their primary form of expression and they have many, many people who visit their blogs daily if not weekly. Sharing how the blog has either entertained them or assisted them with something they themselves had been contemplating. Bloggers, just like blog sites, vary from URL to URL. Some blog sites may present a quite plain facade, while others are more whimsical and colorful. All blogs however are fully customizable. With the option to change your text and add color where and if you chose. Remember, blogging is easy, it’s living that’s tough! Enjoy blogging!


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