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Learn more about web hosting

Understanding the Nuances of Web Hosting
If your profession does not involve the use of the internet on a daily basis, your contemporaries will consider you ‘computer or technologically illiterate’ or if you are into political correctness you are technically challenged.  Your friends will snicker behind your back or shake their heads in disbelief but, never fear Internet web hosting is here. Continue Reading

Choosing A Web Hosting Company Today
The greatest thing about a host facility is that you don’t have to be technically talented to participate.  The provider takes care of the technical matters while you concentrate on your own matters. Make sure your web hosting company has high-speed World Wide Web connections.  Some of these companies support thousands of websites on many different servers. Continue Reading

The Differences of PHP and ASP
Some of the features built into PHP are functions such as print and mysql_query, which meet a variety of needs by programmers. PHP also allow programmers to create their own functions and customizing a program. By being adaptable to the programmer, PHP is easy for the programmer to manipulate to obtain individual results within the program. Continue Reading

The Best Companies to Register your Domain Name
In order to register a domain name a company will need to find a domain service provider that may also host the site. This begins by researching domain sites on the internet for prices, and various services such as domain transfer, renewal rates, domain forwarding, domain transfer, renewal fees, registrar features, privacy protection, and customer support. With the hundreds of domain sites out there, it can be an overwhelming process. Continue Reading

The Advantages of Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a online form of computing (Web 2.0 in fact) where users can access applications via a browser, while the application is installed and stored (as well as the data) on a server. This is a whole new form of computing and is allowing thousands of users from all around the world to access something without having to download and install anything on their own computers. An example of this would be Google Docs. Continue Reading

How to Find Freelance Web Designers and Programmers
Because your website is the first experience people may have of your business, it is imperative that it be innovative and dynamic, with eye-catching graphics, solid content and be easy to navigate.  Whether your site is to be one page or five, you want to encourage action and be search engine-friendly. Continue Reading

How to Know if You Should Get an SSL Certificate
A Secure Sockets Layer or a SSL certificate is designated to protect the identity and data that is transmitted between a web site and a web user through a third party. This third party maintains the security of a website using HTTPS protocols, so that any sensitive, confidential, or personal information is encrypted by the website user and can only be decrypted by the website owner. Continue Reading

How to Choose a Web Analytics Provider for Your Website
It is nearly impossible in this day and age to start run a successful new business without having a quality website to accompany it. Potential customers want to get a feel for a business by just using a click of their mouse. In mere seconds customers can be won or lost based on how they relate to a company's online site. Truly, almost every business needs a website, and consequently almost every business needs a quality website analytics provider Continue Reading

How to Find Freelance Web Designers and Programmers
Dreamweaver from Adobe might be the HTML Editor of choice for you if you are looking to make your website as current to the minute as possible. The site management feature in this program makes it easy to simplify file transfers and supports multiple copy location. Members of Dreamweaver are also given the option of  Design notes to any file so that other members can get status reports. Continue Reading

Itís Easy to Blog
The word Blog is a contraction of the term ‘weblog’ - a log on the web. It is a type of website which is maintained primarily by an individual with current and frequent entries or commentary concerning events, or other relative data important to the person’s pursuits or interest. The word blog can also be used as in reference to an action; it may be used as a verb. Most blogs give information and opinion on a primary topic. Continue Reading

Managed Dedicated Hosting Explained
Managed Dedicated Hosting simply means you have the whole server to yourself. There is no one else on the server but your company. The great thing is that your company doesn’t have to carry out the maintenance on the server. Your web host provider will take care of the technical side of things for you. And your company doesn’t own the server. It merely has the sole right to use it. It’s like leasing a car: you use it but you don’t own it. Continue Reading

Many Hosting Companies Offer Free Website Builders
For the beginner website builder, free website builders can be the perfect way to get online and get your website out there. You want to make sure the hosting company offers you not only a competitive price but also the features you need to stand out in a very competitive virtual world. We’ve listed five of the things any hosting company should offer you. Continue Reading

Picking a Web Design Company: Top 10 Things to Consider
Whatever your business – cookies, costumes or caterpillar tractors – you are excited about your company, you have a lot to offer clients, and you are ready to go online and see the business begin pouring in.  Here’s an important consideration, however: should you design your own website?  Do you have the time and expertise?  Or would it be better to hire an expert web design company to step in and get your site up and running? Continue Reading

Making Money with Your Website: Google AdSense
First you will be asked to fill out an application, you will choose whether you are initializing a personal or business account - both can generate cash for you via AdSense. This process will determine what ads will be placed on your page. The ads are placed in relation to your web content. You are given the option of choosing AdSense for content or AdSense for search and can even opt for both. Continue Reading

What is Web 2.0? Everything You Want to Know
Web 2.0 is the second generation of websites and web design. Web 2.0 is an initiative that was conceived to encouraged end users and advanced users to collaborate in bringing back the boom of the web after the dotcom bubble burst. O’Reilly Media’s owner was the first one to use the term back in 2001, after the bubble burst, at the first ever Web 2.0 conference. It should be noted, though that internet creator, Tim Berners-Lee, stated that he thinks the term is meaningless because the notion of Web 2.0 ideas and products existed back when the net was first started. Continue Reading

Overview of Small Business Website Hosting
When you create a small business there is a certain roadmap you need to follow. A business plan of sorts that may include: mission statement, performance objectives: product procurement, financial stability, customer base and marketing and advertising.  Before the computer age was established, a small business owner need not worry about a web presence on the Internet.  In the 21st century things are just a bit different. Continue Reading

Thinking about Free Web Hosting?
Once you decide to go in for a website hosting company you have 2 different options: Free and Paid.  Now I know what you’re thinking.  Mom always said you can’t get something for nothing.  That’s not always true.  Free does have its advantages.  It depends on the use and place of the client. Continue Reading

Dedicated Web Hosting
If we examine the cost of dedicated website hosting you are looking at $150 to $1000 a month.  OUCH!  Is it worth it?  You will be able to make an educated decision after you consider the following information. Put in the simplest of terms dedicated web hosting is a single server rented to a single client by a hosting provider. Continue Reading

Need To Change Your Web Hosting Company?
As much as we hate to do it, at times we have no other option than to consider changing our web hosting company. As a business owner, it’s important that you have an excellent web hosting company, after all your paying good money for it. However, your current web host isn’t living up to their promises and worse yet they’re not living up to your needs and your business is suffering. Continue Reading

Deciding on a Web Hosting Company
In web hosting marketing arena, much like sales people at a trade show, use an enormous amount of different techniques to win clients over to their product or products. Many of the  features they offer are so vast and indistinguishable that new users get confused and panicked.  They are so overwhelmed, they don’t make wise decisions.  Continue Reading

Do You Need A Web Hosting Unlimited Account?
The idea of a web hosting unlimited account sounds tantalizing. It sounds like once you decide on the unlimited option, you will have unlimited space available to you on the server to do what you want with. Beware – this is rarely so and in most cases all you end up doing is spending more money than you need to for things you don’t need and will often miss out on features that are really important to the operation of your web site.  Continue Reading

Low Cost Web Hosting
Unfortunately, there are some hosting providers who are only interested in making money, but there are hosting providers really do care about you, and want to see you succeed.  The type of hosting provider you choose will be a factor in determining who your business is, to succeed in the future. Continue Reading

Heard Of Drupal Web Hosting?
Drupal website hosting is powered by Drupal and is a reliable type of support for your website.  There are many businesses today that are selecting Drupal as a source to create more powerful websites.  A winning combination for a highly successful website is in using a dependable Drupal hosting service, no matter what type of business endeavor you are venturing into. Continue Reading

Why Free Web Hosting Services Is Not Such A Good Idea
Even though these hosting companies are spread out across the country you still may be able to get this type of service for free.  Ask yourself, how satisfied you are with your current hosting service.  Do they provide you with everything that you want and need?  The answer to this question is probably not.  However, it is a true statement that this type of service can be had with no cost or aggravations. The question is how can free hosting service be gotten free and what should you expect from them? Continue Reading

How A Web Hosting Directory Can Help You
Of course there are good web hosting companies and bad ones – those who go the extra mile to keep their clients happy and those who just think about squeezing the extra buck out of them. To know how good or bad a web host is in the service it offers and the way it treats its clients, read online reviews. Continue Reading

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