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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > HTML Editors A Look At The Software

HTML Editors A Look At The Software

Have you ever been working on frames for a web page and got lost because the coding was so difficult to comprehend where the frames actually end and begin?

AceHTML is a free HTML editor and will help you create frames that that are easily organizable and easily edited. The program offers numerous templates which you can create right from scratch and you are able to contribute different attributes to the frame while still having your work completely organized. This program has ready-to-use Java Scripts as well as DHTML scripts that are easily inserted to any document.

Arachnophilia offers a form generator which makes it easy for you to make web forms which are well organized and is supported by many browsers. There is a customizable tool bar which gives you menu bars, pull down menus, radio buttons and even check boxes. You are enabled to create passwords that will readily display asterisks while information is being formatted. Arachnophilia also gives you a macro option which will give you the ability to create shortcut keys for any repetitive task, such as table generation. There is a HTML analyze option which will check your work for syntax errors and any unsightly tag nesting. If you are looking for a more common look.

Homesite from Macromedia (Adobe) may be the HTML editor of choice for you. The cascading styles sheets feature of the program will be exactly what you are looking for. You can use Top Style or Life Style Editor which comes included with the program to create these effects. Homesite also allows you to make global changes to your site. Also, there is a color coding system which makes it simple to identify various style elements. This comes in a trial version which is workable for the user for 30 days.

First Page is the number four of the top 5 HTML editors and makes it quite simple to include Java Scripts in your documents. There is a function known as Instants Scripts which gives you the ability to insert scripts into your webpage without having to rewrite any of the source code. This is a freeware program and comes in levels of expertise such as, Easy, Normal, Expert, and Hardcore. It is advised for new users to read the tips and tricks section thoroughly before getting started. This will give the newbie’s a more textural feel for the work they are embarking on. Other features which are available are, Automatic Image Resizing or AIR, Roll Over Button Creation and Java applets. This program also makes it easy to convert HTML to XML quite easily. 

Dreamweaver from Adobe might be the HTML Editor of choice for you if you are looking to make your website as current to the minute as possible. The site management feature in this program makes it easy to simplify file transfers and supports multiple copy location. Members of Dreamweaver are also given the option of  Design notes to any file so that other members can get status reports. This program is vastly detailed and complex and once you’ve got the swing of it, you will be pumping out web pages with the best of them. However, this program comes with a hefty price tag of $299.99 and many feel there are other programs which may be simpler to use and more cost effective. While choosing which HTML Editor you will be using to create your masterful web pages, it is a superior idea to spend some time doing your homework before committing.


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