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Home > Learn More > How Web Hosting Made the World Smaller

How Web Hosting Made the World Smaller

The availability of the internet is becoming increasingly widespread. These days, you can find practically anybody and anything online in one form or another. It seems that nearly everyone has a website of some kind and every company has a page to represent them online, if not an online store itself. Pressure on companies that don’t yet have their information online can become intense, especially in markets where internet sales are a viable stream of revenue. This is not a surprise when you consider what an impact web hosting has made.

It is no secret that the internet revolutionized the way commerce is conducted on the planet. In a similar fashion, the availability of web hosting changed the way that consumers and suppliers interact forever. To put it an illustration that might make it simpler to understand, think about a small business owner that makes purple widgets in Anniston, Alabama. Before the technology evolved that allows this business owner to create a web site and have it hosted on a server, only people who actually visited his store could make purchases from him. Once he establishes a solid marketing basis and a web site that makes his purple widgets available, the viral effect takes over and before he knows it, everyone wants what he has for sale, and he can provide it.
We don’t have to go Anniston, Alabama anymore to buy those special purple widget. Small scale entrepreneurs like these can now display and sell their goods and services to people all over the world instead of being limited to the immediate area. This ability to purchase from a larger number of providers has in essence, made the world smaller by bridging the gap between local providers and the multi-national internet public.

There is a large amount of interest in individuals and companies in creating web pages to suit their many and varied needs. This demand for web hosting services drives an ever increasing group of providers to meet these needs. Because there are so many web hosting companies being established and developed, the cost of having a site hosted is relatively low and companies know they have to provide outstanding service in order to stay competitive.  These factors encourage others to begin having web sites hosted, thus feeding the cycle.

The world may seem smaller, with the increased number of countries in communication with the internet. Countries can access information from other countries more easily and cheaply. Web hosting services allow companies within a market to trade that would otherwise not have been exposed to one another. As more people join the hordes of web site owners that are flocking to the internet, the technology behind web hosting will continue to advance to offer faster connections and more bandwidth, making the internet an even more attractive place to bring your company.

Business isn’t the only area that web hosting is having an effect on. Families once divided by geographical boundaries or other physical barriers are now brought together. The world will continue to seem to become smaller as people from anywhere on the globe can connect with one another. Web hosting has allowed these connections to thrive by providing a resource for those with a message to help others receive that message.

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