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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > How A Web Hosting Directory Can Help You

How A Web Hosting Directory Can Help You

No matter how good your website is, its success is tied to the web hosting company you select. A great web site on an unsuitable web host is bound for disaster.

Of course there are good web hosting companies and bad ones – those who go the extra mile to keep their clients happy and those who just think about squeezing the extra buck out of them. To know how good or bad a web host is in the service it offers and the way it treats its clients, read online reviews.  But, even if you find a web hosting service that is consistently rated high by everyone who has used it, it still does not mean that this specific web host is right for your site.  Different types of web sites have different requirements and the best way to find a web hosting company that will be able to provide you the services and features you need is to go through a web hosting directory.

For example, if your web site contains a lot of video files, you will need a web host that guarantees a high bandwidth so that the visitor does not have to wait for too long for things to down load. But, if yours is a simple site and you are not targeting a lot of web traffic, then bandwidth is of lesser importance than other features.

You could search the internet for web hosts who fifer the features you are looking for. But this will take time and you may miss out on a lot of options. The easiest and best way to find a web hosting company that is right for you is to use a web hosting directory.

A web hosting company’s listing on a web hosting directory will contain all the information you need to enable you to decide if the service is the right one for you. And since a large number of other companies will also be listed on the same directory, doing comparisons between the various web hosts to see which one suits you the most is much easier and quicker.

The directory should also contain all the details of the packages that each web hosting company is offering. This will include things like the server space, the bandwidth, the guaranteed uptime, security features, applications, software that are used and are compatible,  and so on. The listing will also give details of the customer support available. The directories will also include the contact information about the various web hosting companies so it will be easy for you to contact them to have your queries answered.

Many directories even rank the web hosting companies like Yahoo Web Hosting for example. While this may seem like a good idea – you need not look at the highest ranking companies, only - there are pitfalls. There are two types of web hosting directories – the paid and the free. The paid ones earn their revenue by charging the web hosting companies a fee to carry their listings and banners etc. This means that they may be tempted to give the highest ranking to those companies who offer them the highest payment and will also not want to lose money by giving a bad web hosting service a low rank.

On the other hand, free directories take no money from the web hosts and are not financially dependant on them.

Whichever type of directory you use, it’s a good idea to check out online reviews of the company you are thinking of using to make sure that the user experience has been as good as the description in the directory.


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