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Home > Learn More > How Useful Are Positive Web Hosting Reviews

How Useful Are Positive Web Hosting Reviews

When you want to find out what kind of quality and service a web hosting company that you are considering using may provide for you, of course you should use all sources of information that are available. Checking background information such as how long the company has been in business, what their policies are, and what type of services are available and for how long is the first place to start. Once you have established the basics, you will want a better idea of how the company serves it clients in actual practice.
If you know someone personally who has their own web site hosted on the internet, you might decide to ask them what their experiences with their web hosting provider have been and whether they would recommend the company to others. This is an ideal situation for you because you have established some degree of trust with the person you know so you can feel confident in believing that the experience they had with the company is an accurate representation. On the other hand, if you can't find someone who has had experience in web hosting to ask yourself, you may still be able to find folks who will lend their opinion on the subject.

Review sites of all kinds are increasing in popularity in today’s increasing market of consumer awareness. Everyone wants to make an informed decision with their selection of vendors to provide their goods and services. Web hosting is certainly no exception, with a proliferation of sites on the web dedicated to reviews of web hosting services. In many cases, these reviews do come from actual users who share their experiences with others. These reviews can be helpful in making your decision when your choice narrows to just a few web hosting companies.

While you shouldn’t rely on reviews of web hosting companies to make your decision, you can read what others have said and decide for yourself whether you feel the information is accurate. Most of these review sites are not monitored for accuracy, so it is up to you to determine if you feel the person writing the review had that actual experience with the web host company. Your best bet is to locate as much information as possible and gather it together to make your decision when it is time to have your web site hosted on a server.

As you are searching the internet for web hosting company review sites, you will probably notice that there seem to always be many more negative reviews than positive reviews. Research has shown, and you could probably guess, that customers are much more likely to write about a negative experience than a positive experience. When you find those few positive reviews, it can be tempting to dismiss them, since the truth can't be known. Let these indicators be the tipping point on the scale you use to make your decision, but don’t rest all of the facts you should use to base your decision solely on a handful of unverified reviews.
You will probably have no trouble finding reviews for many of the web hosting companies that offer their services. Be sure and note the source of any reviews, verify the information if possible, and use other criteria to assist you in making your selection.

Home > Learn More > Changing Web Hosting Companies

Changing Web Hosting Companies

There may well come a time when as a webmaster you find that your current web hosting service provider just is not meeting your needs. Maybe they have failed to provide the standard of customer service you expect, simply don’t offer enough bandwidth or storage for your site, or maybe they just aren’t offering the most competitive price for hosting. Whatever the reason for wanting to change your web hosting company, you may be nervous about how difficult switching from one provider to another may be. Don’t let that keep you with an unsatisfactory web host. Here a are a few hints to help make this transition as smooth as it can be.
The biggest thing you can do to make this switch as hassle free as possible for both you and for the visitors to your website is to leave your account with your existing provider open. This allows people hunting for your page to always find your site, with no real down time during the transition. As you are evaluating different web hosts, make sure that you know that your new web hosting service and web hosting service package combination that you select will provide you with a minimum of the same level of features and services that your old company provided. After carefully choosing a new web hosting service, but while your current account remains active, you will need to establish a new account with your new web hosting provider.

After choosing your package and creating the new account, you will need to download all of the data files that are associated with your website from the old web hosting service’s server, and upload the data to the server belonging to your new cheap web hosting service provider. This can be a simple task, despite sounding complicated. One of the easiest ways to transfer these files is to first connect to your old web host’s FTP, and then connect to the FTP of the new host, and directly transfer the data. You will still need to leave your old account active at this point, and will want to make sure to maintain the same email addresses, to ensure you receive all of the email sent to your business.
The next step you will want to take is double checking that all of your files uploaded properly to the new server, and that any web links or media files on your website, such as photos, audio or video clips, remain operational. Once you have done this and are pleased with your results, the domain name servers can be changed. Your website’s domain name server is typically obtained when you create your account with your new web host.

You can usually expect the new web hosting servers to be up and running within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. This is the period of time where the benefit of leaving the account active with your old web domain hosting hosting service provider is the most evident. Instead of pulling up an error page during these switch over days, visitors to your site will continue to see the website uninterrupted on the old web host’s server. Once the new server has taken over the active hosting of your website, you can finally cancel your account with your old service. With just a bit of forethought, you can have a completely seamless transition.

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