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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > How to Choose a Web Analytics Provider for Your Website

How to Choose a Web Analytics Provider for Your Website

It is nearly impossible in this day and age to start run a successful new business without having a quality website to accompany it. Potential customers want to get a feel for a business by just using a click of their mouse. In mere seconds customers can be won or lost based on how they relate to a company's online site. Truly, almost every business needs a website, and consequently almost every business needs a quality website analytics provider. Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web site usage.

It is imperative that business owners make this choice carefully. This article will help give the reader a few tips on how to choose a web analytics provider wisely. Also, remember that an experienced and professional web analytics provider will be crucial in order to track in-depth visitor behavior, commerce, leads and conversions. If your web site and web analytics provider are on point, you will not only likely earn more profits, but will also be able to track your profits more easily. This assures that you, the business owner, will understand from those statistics what is and is not working for your company in terms of profits.

First and foremost, a business owner should assess the salesperson or website that the web analytics provider uses to represent their company. Is the salesperson knowledgeable and seemingly honest? Does he or she give a good first impression, and seem genuinely impressed by the company they are selling for? Are they someone who is familiar with the website development of their company or will they simply outsource the work to another business? These are important points to consider.

Also, you should always inquire about the company's credentials. It is imperative that they have a web programming background. A web analytics provider without credentials is one that you should more than likely be wary of. Also, be sure to ask if they have experience in web design or if they are simple selling websites without knowing about how these sites are actually created. The latter should be a big red flag for the potential customer.

Finally, always ask for a business proposal and ask additional questions at each step. An experienced web developer will always be able to give you straight and concise answers to any reasonable of the questions that you have. A simple salesman without web development experience will gloss over your questions and only try to sell you on the “great deal” you will be getting by offering low prices. Do not fall for this- it is more important to go with an experienced, knowledgeable web analytics provider than it is to simply pick the cheapest company.

In the long run, your business will save and earn much more money if the website they have is well-made, does not have glitches, and appeals to their potential customer base. Business owners should always do as much research as possible before choosing a web analytics provider. Do not forget to look at their prior work and ask for testimonials from their customers. Having a great web site can make or break a company, so take the responsibility of choosing a web analytics server provider seriously. Good luck in your search!


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