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Home > Learn More > Page 5 > Green Website Hosting on the Rise

Green Website Hosting on the Rise

It’s amazing to look at the varied demographics of the users of the Internet.  Young and old alike are using the Internet today to shop, entertain themselves, talk to friends and family, look for jobs, watch television, and more.  It is hard to believe that only 15 years ago the Internet was still in its infancy and few people ever used it.  Today, millions of people are surfing the net and millions more are creating websites to reach out to others.  Websites range from personal hobby sites, to small business affairs, full blown e-commerce sites and everything in between.   

All of the websites found on the Internet have been created by people using hardware that is found in datacenters around the world.  These datacenters provide the Internet user with the things they need to make sure their website stays up and running all the time.  However, they also use a lot of electricity and by the year 2020 it is believed that web hosting services will be second only to the airline industry in contributing to global warming and carbon dioxide emissions.  To combat this dire prediction, many companies and individuals have decided to utilize the services of green website hosting providers. 

Green hosting is still in its infancy but has started to grow recently.  More and more web hosting companies are starting to appear, with many of them starting out as 100% green companies with others converting over to green as they have progressed.  Many of the bigger names in web hosting have even added elements of green to their services as they slowly make the transition over to being 100%.  Offices have put into place recycling efforts that include waste paper collection, allowing office workers to telecommute, turning their offices into paperless ones, planting a tree for every new customer and using bio-fuels to heat their buildings.  Web hosting data centers that have gone green use renewable power sources to keep their equipment running, utilizing methods such as solar, wind and geothermal energy.  Those that have not converted over to green energy are offsetting their carbon footprints by purchasing renewable energy credits.

Many people have questioned whether or not green web hosting is reliable and if it performs just as well as a regular web hosting platform.  So far it has proven itself to be just as reliable as conventional web hosting using standard electricity.  All of the web hosting companies that have gone green provide backup sources in the event that the renewable energy sources do not produce enough power to keep things running.  Occasionally this happens, especially when using wind or solar powered energy.  However, it is usually less often than most people think.  Renewable energy is stored in huge batteries to ensure that the energy is there even when the weather is not cooperating.

Green website hosting can be a little more costly that conventional web hosting, but if you look at the long term benefits for the environment, it is worth every penny you spend.


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