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Home > Learn More > Tech > The History of GoDaddy

The History of GoDaddy

GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar and wed hosting company that also sells e-business related software and services. In early 2009, it had reached nearly thirty million domain names under its management, per Wikipedia. GoDaddy was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons, and is now three times bigger than its closest competitor. GoDaddy has become integral to the internet as a whole, in that the site facilitates many other sites, thus indirectly sharing immeasurable amounts of information with the world every day. If you do a search for any number of subjects, you will probably find that many of the return hits that come up will be sites that are hosted by GoDaddy.

GoDaddy uses their own team of advertisers and are known for using adult themes in their advertising. CEO Bob Parsons has called Godaddy's advertising "GoDaddy-esque" which he describes as "fun, edgy and a bit inappropriate." GoDaddy also uses attractive women to promote their web site, and their spokes models are referred to as “GoDaddy girls.” These advertising campaigns have obviously been very successful for GoDaddy. Go daddy’s recent Superbowl commercials were particularly effective for the company. They had not advertised in the Superbowl for several years because their ads were deemed too edgy, and they likely will not advertise next year because of the inability to air ads that complement their edgy advertising image. The only time GoDaddy uses tamer ads is when they advertise during NASCAR functions, which they do quite frequently. NASCAR has strict rules about not allowing sexually suggestive material in their commercials or on their race cars.

GoDaddy as a company also supports several charity organizations, including, an organization that attempts to catch and prosecute sexual predators who contact minors online. GoDaddy's employees have also participated in several events to raise money for charities supporting Juvenile Diabetes Research. They also donate generously to Mary's Food Bank during the holiday season. GoDaddy has also been involved in some controversies during their history as well. GoDaddy has a history of closing sites belonging to its customers without notifying them first. They have closed down sites this way when controversial material has been posted on these web sites. Instead of alerting their customers, they have simply closed down the websites on their customers’ behalf. GoDaddy also frequently "fines" customers who spam or violate their policies, and the company has been accused of doing this without first notifying the customers of the policy violation.

GoDaddy has been touted as a visionary company in terms of the way it is operated and for how it advertises. GoDaddy is generally considered a successful venture in both the business world and the world of internet-related technology. While there are some detractors, it is true that GoDaddy does allow most people to host their web sites in the GoDaddy domain relatively cheaply. According to GoDaddy's website, they claim to offer domain names at 70% cheaper prices than their competitors do.

If you are interested in starting a web site of your own, you should be sure to do research about GoDaddy and other domain hosting and registering sites like it. It is always a good idea to learn as much as you can before setting up your own web site. Being technologically educated is a necessity in this day and age- and it is certainly something that Bob Parsons and the GoDaddy team know a thing or two about!

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