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Free Web Hosting

If you need a website then one of your first tasks will be finding a web hosting provider. Many people decide to try free web hosting services for to financial reasons. Be warned that web hosting websites use the term “free” to draw people to use their services, but the hidden costs can be exorbitant.

There are numerous drawbacks to using the free-of-charge web hosting company. Before using a provider that offers free web hosting, consider the following issues, which can lead to negative experiences for website owners using their services, as well as visitors to the website concerned.

Free providers have little to no customer support. When a user has a question or issues with the web site they are forced to deal with the issue without any kind of support from the provider. This leaves the users frustrated and feeling abandoned. With nowhere to turn for support for the problems they are having, many users settle for a below average website.

Another disadvantage is that free providers have limited server room for the websites. The servers are crowded, run slowly and often do not function online properly. Naturally the performance of any website running on a server such as this becomes limited because visitors to website tend to abandon it rapidly if it loads slowly.

Due to limited start up costs for creating a web host provider service, most of the free providers are new to the web hosting environment and have limited hosting experience. This lack of experience then trickles down to the website owner using the service.

Free web hosting services tend to have a great number of banner ads, which are mandatory for the website owners to have on their websites. Banner ads are how the providers finance themselves, putting them in a position to supply free sites. That means income to the free web hosting service at the expense of the website owner. In addition, the banner ads also tend to distract visitors since they attract the site’s visitors to the ads instead of the content of the website.

Free web sites do not have advanced features such as software or email account services – features that are needed in order to have a profitable web site. The ability to have email accounts attached to the site lessens headaches of having to use another email service from a different provider. Having an email account connected to the website also gives a more professional appearance.

An important factor with free providers is the lack of internet security. Due to the providers trying to maintain a low overhead, most providers do not have a high standards regarding on their servers. This can cause tremendous negative repercussions to those using the service.

Think about the confidential information that visitors to your website might have to supply in order to buy your products or services. These might include personal details such as Social Security number, home addresses, home, and/or cell phones numbers, not to mention some financial information such as bank account information. Clearly a secure server is an absolute necessity, and a free web hosting service cannot guarantee that.

Many consumers wanting a website expect to have it functioning 99% of the time, have customer support available with staff educated on any possible issue, email accounts directly related to the website address, and most importantly, the ability of knowing all the information on the site and/or server are secure.

Before anyone ever considers using a free web host provider the issues need to be realized and weighed against the cost of a paid web hosting service.

Since there are other options of using lower priced web host providers, this is a better option to a free web host provider. The benefits alone will be worth the money.


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