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Home > Learn More > Page 3 > Differences in Free and Paid Web Hosting Services

Differences in Free and Paid Web Hosting Services

A web presence, and thereby a web hosting service, has become an important factor if you are running a business of some sort. Even traditional business stores are feeling the need to open an online store to complement their business. In fact, many have noticed that an online store can have more visitors, and fetches higher income than a traditional local store. Moreover, your traditional local store will be visited only by people in that locality whereas your online store can sell its wares to the world. That’s the power of having your own website.

Making your website available over the World Wide Web requires 24 hour monitoring and expertise in order to keep your website trouble free and running. Most people cannot manage this. That’s why you need a web hosting company.

A web hosting company will allocate a certain amount of space for your website on their server, which will be kept running all the time. Then you will be assigned a certain amount of bandwidth of your choice depending on the number of visitors and the activities that will take place on your website. Apart from this you will be given various tools, scripts, applications and services. You must note that the amount you pay is directly proportional to the services you subscribe to. As a beginner, there are generally two types of web hosting services: free and paid.

Free Web Hosting
If you are testing the waters, free web hosting may suit your need. You will be allocated some space and some bandwidth and will also be provided with some tools and tutorials to design your website on your own.

However, with free web hosting, your activities will be limited. This is because, firstly, your storage space is limited. Therefore the amount of content you can have online is limited. You will also be restricted to two or three web pages. Secondly, your bandwidth will be limited. This means that the amount of data passing to and from your website per second will be limited. Thirdly, there are a few pesky problems such as banner ads that will be displayed on your website by the web host. This means that your website is being used to generate business for someone else. Even your web address will not be unique, but will be an extension of the web host’s address.

Paid Web Hosting
If you are looking for a decent website for some serious business, you may want to consider paid web hosting. This is because you may pay as little as $4 per month as a starting fee, but will get a host of benefits that include the following:

  • No limits on storage space. There will be no restrictions on the amount of data you store as a small or medium sized business.
  • No limits on bandwidth. This means that you can run scripts, applications, videos and audio files and transfer them at a quick rate.
  • Around the clock customer service. You can get all your technical issues sorted out by online chat, email or telephone.
  • No intrusions. There will be no irritating ads that spoil your web content. Also, your website will have a unique web address that is characteristic of your business.
  • No limits on email accounts and other services such as autoresponders.
  • You can promote your website and stand a good chance to be listed on search engines unlike free websites, which get overlooked by search engines.

When your business grows you can opt for a higher package that corresponds to extra services as per your requirements.


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