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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated Web Hosting

If we examine the cost of dedicated website hosting you are looking at $150 to $1000 a month.  OUCH!  Is it worth it?  You will be able to make an educated decision after you consider the following information. Put in the simplest of terms dedicated web hosting is a single server rented to a single client by a hosting provider.

There are two different web hosting options when it comes to dedicated hosts.  The two options are virtual dedicated hosts and co-location website hosting.  With the virtual server plan the customer must share the server with others.   There are many parallels between co-location web hosts and virtual dedicated hosts.  With the co-locating server the client owns the server but, uses the web provider to house the hardware. In dedicated web hosting the computer belongs to the hosting provider and is rented by the client.
If a single server is rented to a single client it is referred to as real dedicated web hosting. For a business that has high user/customer traffic the dedicated web host is probably the only way to go.
Let’s examine the perks of dedicated hosting:

• The host provider handles all the day to day technical concerns so the client can concentrate on business at hand.
• Have you ever heard the term, ‘It’s a rental’, well, that it is?  The client is renting the server and maintenance is not his job.  The client is not responsible for any problems.  That is the providers issue to resolve.
• One is freed from replacing components or solving technical problems,  Because everything is the provider’s duty as well as his contractual obligation.
• Most web hosts provide compensation as part of a Service Level Agreement .
• If there is down time compensation is given for that down time depending on how critical the failure was.
• After all is said and done the customer only pays for the online time and functioning components of the server.

If you choose “managed” dedicated hosting you will have a “control panel”.  A control panel is just a matter of a point and click to perform functioning tasks. If you consider yourself a technical wizard you can choose the unmanaged web host option.  This is only recommended for those who have had experience with server management.  This is basically a system with ‘some assembly required’.  If you choose to go the unmanaged route you are responsible for any glitches in functionality.

Envision these dedicated host scenarios:

-Gone are the mistakes in programming made by novices.
-Immediate support is given to customers when needed.
-Clients will be happy with the support and service; as a result, business will grow.

If web design is in your future then having a dedicated host is crucial for your business.  You will be able to offer new design activity with a few minutes.  You will be able to alter a website or set up a new one. Below are some advantages of a dedicated hosting company:

• A significant growth in sales
• Better company image
• Reduction in IT costs
• Happy customers and bigger profits


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