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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > Deciding on a Web Hosting Company

Deciding on a Web Hosting Company

In web hosting marketing arena, much like sales people at a trade show, use an enormous amount of different techniques to win clients over to their product or products. Many of the  features they offer are so vast and indistinguishable that new users get confused and panicked.  They are so overwhelmed, they don’t make wise decisions.

The new entrepreneur will need to know ‘geek speak’ or at the very least terminology when it comes to web hosting.  Make sure you know the following:

1. Web hosts, what are they and web hosting what is it?
2. What kind of platforms are available? Can you differentiate between servers?
3. What is a domain name?  Where can I get one and how much does it cost?
4. How can I learn to create web pages.
5. Scripting languages- what are they and what do they do?
6. What features do I need to have a killer website?

When a business is trying to elevate sales or promote services, being very careful about who they hire as a web hosting service is essential. That business needs to do intensive investigation before making any decision or signing any contracts. Take into consideration all the features and uses you and your company need to have.  Make a list of what you want; storage space capacity, platforms and scripting languages.  Go over the list with the potential provider.  You should get a final list of requirement from the provider that is an exact match to yours.
Let’s examine some of the darker secrets hosting services don’t want you to know.  When you start looking any kind of information be aware that the information may be tainted.   It can be politics as usual when you try and get information.  For some, the hosting companies rank depends on how much commission that hosting provider is paying their affiliates.  Is that a fair assessment, no but money talks and the provider who is talking the loudest gets the best reviews.
 All of a sudden your choices may not be as clear cut as you once thought.

If  the Chinese philosopher Confucius  were alive and well informed about web hosting this is what he would say:

1. Talk to a minimum three honest and unbiased sources.
2. Gather reviews from several sources.
3. Comments from customers.

Unbiased sources can be your competition, business peers or some one who has ‘been around the block’.

Hosting Forums
Online forums are world renown for providing information and opinions.  They talk about anything and everything pertaining to the subject at hand.  These online chats are monitored and those moderators keep a close eye on all proceedings.  They don’t want anyone slandering anyone else.

Customer’s feedback, comments and complaints
Many web hosting companies publish lists of their clientele. Contact some of them (and hope they are honest) ask them about the hosting company’s service. Some have chats on their own websites to keep questions, comments and criticism out in the open.  Other companies use their forums for their customer service.  Watch these sites for a few weeks before making any decisions.

It’s important to do the necessary spadework before choosing a web hosting company. Hopefully, after all these activities you will be well armed so you can make the correct decision for your company.


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