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Home > Learn More > Page 3 > Considering FTP Web Hosting? What You Need To Know

Considering FTP Web Hosting? What You Need To Know

To understand FTP web hosting you will need to know two abbreviations and the functions they are related to. The first is HTTP which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. This is the method by which web pages and files are uploaded to the internet. But once they are there, their movement stops. The second abbreviation is FTP, it stands for File Transfer Protocol and it does exactly what its name implies.  FTP enables people to work with web pages more easily and also to transfer them from person to person.

There are two main factors involved in FTP web hosting. The first is the actual server where all the files are stored. When you sign up with a FTP web hosting service, you are paying for a fixed amount of disk space on the server where you may store all your files. The area where your files are located is given a domain name so that all those who are authorized to access the files know where to find them.

To access the files and be able to transfer them between the various authorized users, special software called an FTP client has to be used. There are various types of FTP clients, but they all work towards the same goal – making accessing, working on and transferring the files as easy as possible.  It is a good idea to ask your FTP hosting company to give you a domain name that is as similar as possible to your web address. It is best to offer them a range of options so they can pick one that is unused and available. This will make future interaction between the two easier.

The FTP client will have various security options built in that will allow you and other users to protect your files and prevent unauthorized access. Make sure that you understand and use all the security features available to you. The data you are storing on the FTP sever is valuable and you don’t want to take any risks with it.

You will normally be storing a large volume of files on the FTP server. Set up a directory of your domain so that people know where to look for what data. There are three reasons for this. Firstly it saves a lot of time. Secondly needless opening of files while searching for data can lead to the files being corrupted and thirdly, not everyone needs to be able to access all the files. Some may be confidential with restricted access. You can specify different levels of access so that you can control who sees what.

While on the subject of security, it is important to remember that the FTP web hosting service itself will have access to all the data on their servers so it is a good idea to find out about their privacy and security policies before singing up with them. Never compromise on data security.

Before signing up with an FTP web hosting service check up in chat rooms and online reviews as to what people have to say about them. Also ask them for some references you can contact. Also, since you will not be changing your web host frequently, make sure that not only does the server support all the popular browsers currently in use like Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox but that they respond quickly to the introduction of new servers like Safari  and Chrome. Easy access is always going to be vital.


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