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Home > Learn More > Page 4 > Choosing A Web Hosting Company Today

Choosing A Web Hosting Company Today

The definition of a web host, ‘A web hosting service plants the websites of its clients on a server, and in turn that sever is linked to the Internet.’

Make sure your web hosting company has high-speed World Wide Web connections.  Some of these companies support thousands of websites on many different servers. Ask them to give you some examples of the speed of their server.
The greatest thing about a host facility is that you don’t have to be technically talented to participate.  The provider takes care of the technical matters while you concentrate on your own matters.

  • Let’s look at some features offered in many hosting contracts:

    What kind of cost increases can I expect with more space?
  • How about an email account, how is it accessed?
  • Can we access it from any internet provider?  How do you know if all your email is getting to your inbox? 
  • Database issues; how many entries can they handle at once.  What kind of flexibility, speed, and storage space are they offering.
  • Client Support; how do they go about solving problems?  Do they speak or understand English.  How well do they know the system? 
  • Do they have a control panel for updates and changes?
  • Disc space…if you need more can you get more? 

Here are some basic questions to ask about client support.
Does size matter?  Is bigger better?  Do they have a FAQ webpage?  Do they offer tutorial or a step by step for dummies? Do they just have email support or can you talk to a real person 24/7.  Do they have live chat or phone assistance or all three?

How do they calculate their prices?  How often are you billed?  Can you or do you get an itemized list and invoice?  Is there a third party we can go to if issues are not resolved?
What kind of marketing do they do?  How does it affect their customers?  How much business am I going to get as a result of their marketing efforts?  Is there a website that will show me how they market their company?
Trust, Speed and the pledge of the amount of uptime:
Can you trust this company?  Ask around, if no one has ever heard of your host chances are they are a fly by Night Company.  If you are not sure, don’t do business with them.  Ask for some of their customers and contact them.
Speed: how fast the host is depends on their network connections.  Can they guarantee the speed of their server?  How about the other users…does everyone get the same speed or does it depend on how much server space you have?
If your website isn’t up and running you lose money.  Can the host guarantee 99 percent up time?  Get that in writing.  If they do agree to 99 percent up time do they have a back-up system?  What if their power goes out?  Do they have a disaster recovery plan?

We need to stress the importance of doing your homework and asking questions.  You may feel like you are an interrogator but don’t be afraid to ask.  Goof ups are inevitable but with careful research and planning you can keep those goof ups to a minimum.


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