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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 3 > The History Of CDW

The History Of CDW

CDW Corporation, as it is officially called, is a private company that is a leading provider and reseller of computer related products. The company was founded in 1984, and is currently headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois, in the United States. John Edwardson is the current Chairman for the company. In terms of the company's industry, the company mainly provides business to business products including technology infrastructure as well as resale services. The company operates two websites, and The company had eight billion in revenue in 2008. The company employs 6850 people.

CDW offers a range of products and services to its consumers and business clients. This includes desktop computers and systems, servers, laptop products and services, peripherals, a range of unique software products, telephone products and power related products. In addition, the company also offers storage for their business clients. Computer and server hardware as well as computer software are the company's foundation products, but supplies are also a large part of their business model. The company is an Internet based company, but also has a warehouse style showroom located in Illinois. It also takes orders through over the phone ordering through catalog services and through mail order services.

The CDW also owns and operates a secondary division known as CDW-G. This department of the company is solely dedicated to providing United States governmental products. This includes providing government products to schools, cities, universities, state government, local government and federal government. While the products that are offered through CDW-G are the same virtual products offered at its other sector, the governmental sector is able to purchase contractual purchasing terms if they are required to do so (as some governmental agencies are.)

The company is well known for providing the top quality educational products consumers and businesses need. It is a leading provider of technology products and services designed specifically for educational needs, government requirements and needs as well a for the business model. The company is ranked number 34 on Forbes' list of America' Largest Private Companies, making a true statement to the company's background.

One of the company's unique features is providing dedicated account managers to help their customers to select not just any product but the right product for their particular needs. The company also offers technology specialists who work to design customize solutions for customers on a regular basis. Additionally, the company then offers advanced technology engineers. These individuals work with the customer to help them to implement their purchased software and later to manage the software long term as needed to do so. The company's focus is on their power and cooling, notebooks and desktops, servers and storage solutions, unified communications services, software licensing services, mobility solutions, security and more.

The company also strives to meet customer's needs as quickly as possible. To do this, the company has what it calls “Just In Time Inventory Model" allowing them to get products out quickly. It also has two state of the art distribution centers that help to make for more accurate and faster delivery. The company ships about 3500 configured systems on a daily basis.

CDW was founded in 1984, but the company's concept started in 1982 when Michael Krasny, who was just 28 at the time, wrote a classified ad to sell is used IBM computer. The company started with this initial computer sale and continues to thrive.

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