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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 3 > The History Of Casio

The History Of Casio

Casio is a Japanese founded electronic company best known for its cameras, watches, calculators, musical instruments and PDA systems. It was established in 1946 (founded in 1957) and since then has achieved multinational success.

Casio was first established through the success of a cigarette pipe. In 1946 Tadao Kashio, the founder of Casio invented a yubiwa pipe that, after the World War II, turned quite valuable. With the success of his pipe, Kashio created Japan’s first electro-mechanical calculators in 1954.

Although technically Kashio began operations in 1946, the company dates 1957 as their founding year. He continued to design more calculators including the 001 series and the Casio “Mini” and in 1980 turned his attention elsewhere.

They moved into the realm of wrist watches which achieved instant success with popular GPS position displays, LDC screens and atomic clocks. The first G-shock watch was released in 1983 followed by the CZ-101 in 1985. In 2002 Casio released the first Exilim digital camera and this escalated into more camera inventions in 2007.

Today Casio is still known for their reliable watches, easy to use calculators and state of the art cameras.

Casio now operates all over the world in North America (Canada and the USA), Latin America (Brazil), Africa, Middle East, Europe (UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Norway, and Italy), Asia (Japan, China, South Korea, India, and Taiwan) and Oceania (Australia). Casio’s headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan.

Essentially, Casio specializes in 6 different types of products- Electronic devices; timepieces; mobile network solutions; system equipment; electronic components and others. Their electronic devices include their electronic calculators, PDA’s, electronic dictionaries, electronic diaries, label printers, digital cameras and electronic musical instruments. Some of their popular digital cameras include the Casio EX S600 and the Qv-10 models. 

Casio’s timepieces include digital watches, analog watches and clocks. Some of their most popular watches include the “G Shock” range, the desk clock and the “Pro Trek Triple Sensor” watch.

Casio also makes a range of mobile phone and handy terminals including the AU WC1 model of mobile flip phone. In the system equipment area Casio also makes electronic cash registers, office computers, page printers and data projectors for easy busy solutions. Other electronic components include LCD’s, Bump processing consignments, TCP assembly and processing consignment and carrier tape. They also make factory automation and molds. 

The future looks bright for Casio who recently set up a subsidiary company in Italy and are planning to continue to expand even more in the upcoming years. They are using state of the art technology to continue to make more reliable, waterproof and sleeker designed everyday objects. They are also looking into ways to make their calculator range easier to use, their mobile phones more durable, and their PDA systems more enhanced.  They are also using their revolutionary “G Shock” system in more products which allows for less damage and breakage in everyday life as well as Protrek Solar Powered technology to help the environment and save power.

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