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Home > Learn More > Page 5 > Business Website Hosting From The Customer's Point Of View

Business Website Hosting From The Customer's Point Of View

Business website hosting is not something that you will talk about with your customers. However, it is a service that your customers will interact with numerous times. Therefore, it is up to you to select a hosting solution that is going to work for you and for your customer. It is not an easy task, but with so many excellent plans available for you to select from, you are going to find plans that fit the bill just right.

Consider What The Customer Wants

One way to select business website hosting is to focus on the customer's specific needs and the way that they will interact with your website. Forget about FTP sites and control panels for a few minutes and instead consider the customer's point of view. What are they going to expect when they arrive at your website?

  • Security: people are more afraid of Internet scams and frauds than they are of a burglar breaking into their homes, according to some surveys. Therefore, ensure that every aspect of their experience is positive. Ensure your hosting solution has and SSL certificate for your website.
  • Easy browsing: perhaps you have been on a website where you were going to purchase something but you found that it was simply too hard for you to navigate the website. Placing items in a virtual shopping cart is a necessary feature for many websites that are hoping to sell to customers through the website. Ensure you have a functional shopping cart.
  • Payment: if they are going to shop on your website, they need a way of paying you. There are a variety of ways to get payment solutions or a payment gateway. You could go with third party websites like PayPal, or you could focus on the web hosting company's other solutions.
  • Chatting: depending on the type of website that you have, there may be a need for you to have tools so that customers can interact with you or with others on the website. Blogs, for example, keep them informed and allow them to post comments. Message boards and forums are another option.
  • Attractive: Of course, customers also assume your website is going to be easy to navigate as well as attractive to them. With business website hosting, look for the scripts, software and other aspects that help you to pull off this professional look.

Of course, customers also expect your website to function, which means that you need to have enough disk space as well as enough bandwidth dedicated to the website from the hosting company.

When you pull all of this together, you will end up with the best business website hosting for your website. Without a doubt, looking from your website solely from the customer point of view is not enough. You do need to ensure that you have compatibility, reliability as well as the maintenance aspects you need. This helps to give you the type of website you need that is also profitable for you.


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