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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 3 > The History Of Brother

The History Of Brother

Brother International Corporation is a superior provider when it comes to providing various products for their home and their office. The Brother International Corporation operates their head quarters office out of Bridgewater, New Jersey and was established in the United States on April 21st of 1954. The Brother International Corporation provides consumers with a wide variety of various products. These products include; various appliances for the home and business products. The Brother International Corporation is the creator of an award receiving line known as the Multi Function Center and printers. Brother also produces numerous labeling systems. The Brother International Corporation employs more than eleven hundred individuals just in the United States alone. The Brother International Corporation is the company to look to for all of your needs when it comes to printers and mobile printer products, fax machines, all in one printers, multi function printers, p touch labeling systems, labeling printers, home sewing and embroidery products, industrial embroidery and sewing products, garment printers, type writers, machine tools, gear motors, and reducers.

Brother International Corporation is dedicated to providing a wide variety of printers for their customers. The Brother printers include options for high performance monochrome printers and a wide selection of color printers intended for the use of individuals at home, office, or work groups. Brother also provides a giant selection of fax machines which include extensive lines of high quality machines. The choices are enormous so that there is a perfect solution for every individual and every possible need and function desired. The multi function center combines a printer, fax, copier, scanner, photo capture, and personal computer fax functions all in to one device to allow individuals to save space. The p touch labeling products are the perfect choice when you want to create instant laminated labels. The labels are durable for even the most extreme conditions. Label printers provide you with easy to read labels that you can utilize for numerous different purposes. Brother garment printers allow you to print on to garments quickly and easily. There are numerous options for embroidery and sewing for both home and industrial needs. These products provide you with solutions for all of your embroidery and sewing needs.

Brother provides you with numerous options for type writers when you need to perform basic typing. The stamp creator from brother allows you to create signatures, graphics, text, art, photos, or logos in to pre inked stamps all in a matter of minutes. You can also rely on Brother International Corporation for your gear motor needs and your machine tool needs. Brother offers you with a wide variety of products in each category. When you shop with the Brother International Corporation you are almost guaranteed to find what you are looking for since Brother provides you with such a large selection of products in a numerous amount of different fields and categories. Each section of products contains numerous choices that allow each individual to choose the product that best fits their needs, budget, and wants. Whether you are shopping for the home, your office, or your business you are likely to be able to find what you are looking for with the Brother International Corporation. Each product is carefully designed, and built to achieve the highest level of quality to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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