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Home > Learn More > Tech > Tech Page 3 > The History Of BroadCom

The History Of BroadCom

BroadCom Corporation is a public company that provides integrated circuits for the broadband communications sector. The company, a United States supplier, is worldwide. The company was founded in August of 191 and is run by co founders Henry Samueli and Henry Nicholas. The company is in the semiconductor and electronics industry. The company's products include a large line of items including integrated circuits (IC's), metropolitan area network, cable converter boxes, cable models, GPS services, Bluetooth services and products, Wireless networks, gigabit Ethernet, network switches, dedicated server farms, processors, VoIP services, digital televisions and digital subscriber line products and services.

BroadCom became a public company in 1998 and is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol BRCM. The company employs more than 7400 people around the world and had a 2008 revenue of $4.66 billion as of 2008. The company has been part of the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders for some time.

BroadCom Corporation is considered a big player in the technology innovation field and has become a global leader in semiconductors, which are for both the wired and wireless industry in the communications field. The products that the company provides, helps to give individuals and businesses the ability to communicate through video, voice, data and multimedia methods. One of the key functions of the company is always to deliver the highest quality products that are on the cutting edge of technology. The company offers the best products, state of the art products as well as system on a chip and software solutions that are designed for manufacturers of computing and networking equipment. The company also provides the latest developments for mobile devices, digital entertainment as well as broadband service.

The company offers a broad range of technologically advanced products. For example, the Bluetooth platforms offered are short range wireless devices that can be used within various mediums including personal computers, keyboards, automotive electronics, PDAs and cellular phones. The company's broadband network processor is also a key component in technologically advanced solutions. Here, the network is able to handle complex scenarios in routing and traffic management. The company provides some of the latest products for the digital cable industry as well including providing modems, personal video recording devices, digital cable television set top boxes, and residential broadband gateways.

The digital televisions offered by Broadcom are available as both standard definition and high definition video and graphic abilities. For mobile phones, the company's mobile multimedia processors are some of the best providing mobile television services, digital camera abilities and camcorder functions not otherwise available.

Throughout the company's history, it has taken a place in more than 30 strategic acquisitions. These were designed to help the company to grow its market and to offer more product and services to customers. Some of these acquisitions include AMD DTV Business, a company that specialized in DTV solutions, Sunext Design, Inc, which provides optical drive technologies, and Global Locate, Inc, which provides global positioning products and services.

BroadCom has a number of customers, many of which are some of the most well known in their industry including Dell, Echostar, Apple, Cisco, IBM, Scientific Atlanta and 3Com to name just a few. Companies like to partner with BroadCom because of its advanced technology, dependability and its consistent forward looking business model that continues to push the company to the next level.


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