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Home > Learn More > Page 6 > Bluehost Explained: A Look at a Web Hosting Company

Bluehost Explained: A Look at a Web Hosting Company

If you are in the business of creating a website, then you know that you need a reliable website hosting service. Your host will hold your website in place for you and it allows your website to be connected to the web. One company that offers this type of service is Bluehost. They are a website hosting company that provides a number of different options for users. Anyone who plans to get a website up on the web needs a host. Consider what this company has to offer to users.

The company is large and it boasts the ability to host hundreds of thousands of websites on its servers. That should not scare you since they do have the ability to do this and still ensure that the websites are running well. Bluehost advertises themselves as an affordable and reliablty type of web hosting solution. They offer a number of different hosting plans or packages from which you can select from if you are looking for hosting service.

One of the most common packages that the company offers is called their Professional Web Hosting Plans. There are several types, which allow you to accommodate your particular business or personal needs appropriately. The features of the Bluehost professional web hosting plan includes:

  • Unlimited hosting space, which means that you can use as much space on their server as your website needs, a nice feature
  • Unlimited file transfer, allows you to quickly and easily move files from place to place
  • Unlimited domains, a domain is a name that you give your website and that people who are looking for your website type into the search box.
  • 2500 POP Imap Email accounts
  • SSH, SSL, FTP, Stats
  • Support
  • Much more

One of the benefits of working with Bluehost for your web needs is that they do offer good quality customer service. More so, that customer service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, which means that anytime you have questions or concerns, you can pick up the phone and find out what is happening. In addition, the company’s packages come with a free site builder, which helps you to plug in the design of your website to get you up and running quickly.

In addition to these services, Bluehost also provides new clients with free domain names, site promotion packages, free blog, forum or board, free ecommerce/cart and much more. You even get free Yahoo and Google AdWords credits. Those who already have a website up can still take advantage of the company by becoming a transfer client. They will provide you with help with your domain setup, free blogs, forums and other benefits, just like what a traditional new client would get.

Is Bluehost the right website hosting company for you? That answer is one that only you can come up with. However, it does go without saying that they should be come of the companies that you take into consideration when you are looking for a hosting provider.


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