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Home > Learn More > Page 6 > Blue Web Host: Web Hosts in the United Kingdom

Blue Web Host: Web Hosts in the United Kingdom

Blue Web host is a United Kingdom based web host provider. While they do not offer free services, you can certainly save a great deal of money with a package that costs a mere £60 annually. With unlimited disk storage and email hosting your business has what it needs to operate efficiently. While this provider does include domain name hosting in its basic package, you need to pay for you domain name registration. On the positive side, the price is quite and amounts to only £12 monthly. With so many benefits, it is unlikely you will find anything bad unless you are looking for a free service.

While no reviews are available for Blue Web Host yet, it is safe to assume they operate with the best quality available in the United Kingdom. In addition they provide services for both businesses and individuals with variety of package options. If you choose a secure server you will pay an extra £40 per year but the peace of mind you will experience with this option makes it well worth the price. They also offer a variety of other options as well with the most important one being support. Many hosting packages fail to include this important feature which leaves the website owner in a bad position if his website should fail to operate properly.

Blue Web Host also offers reseller accounts where you can have as many domain names as you want and in turn resell the web hosting package at your own price. The best part of this program is your customers will think you are actually the web host—they will never know you are actually selling under Blue Web Host. You will have your own brand and can use your own advertising and marketing tools as though you were actually in business for yourself. In a way you are—Blue is only offering the expertise and software that is necessary for web hosting.

The price of domain registration varies by extension, but they are as cheap as £4.20 per year and up to £30. Some of the extensions do require a two year minimum registration— is one of these—but it is still quite a reasonable cost. The services you receive for the prices you pay and the quality of services you receive are quite low. When you consider some web hosting services are reasonably priced but do not provide a high quality service—with this provider you receive quality service and a low price for web hosting.

In addition to all of the above service, Blue Web Host also offers web design services as well. They also cater to their customers, and if there is not a current hosting plan to meet the needs of their customers, they will custom design one. This is great advantage for those whose needs do not fit into a “one size fits all” category of web hosting services. Their willingness to cater to the needs of their customers will keep them in the top for many years.


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